Now children are more attracted towards nature so they are inspiring to celebrate their birthday party taking the theme of nature one of the themes is sunshine. This theme is very unique and attractive for children towards the beautiful nature. Birthday party organisers in Delhi arrange food, games, and decoration according to the theme of sunshine by using a bright yellow colour.

Sunshine theme birthday party


While making an invitation you can create it using big sun and in between if you can paste the picture of your child and pasting small dots showing the rays of sun on all over the card. With the help of Birthday party organisers in Gurgaon, you can also write lines like ‘you are sunshine of my life’ in which you will also include the timing and date of the party.


The next step of the theme party is decoration where you can use cut-outs and hangings in the shape of the sun. Birthday party organisers in Noida can also paste the cut-outs of the sun with the sky on windows and doors to give the full environment of the sky. It will also give excitement feeling to children in that way they are flying in the sky.


It’s theme party so you should use food according to the theme sunshine in which you bake cupcake using cheese and mac in yellow strip paper bowl which is loveable to children, you can also add corn which are also of yellow colour in a yellow colour bowl, with this you can also cook lemon curd in between and around it slices of lemon which give look of rays of sun, with this you can add yellow colour lollipops and you can bake cake in sun shape giving yellow colour.


In this, you &Birthday party organisers in Ghaziabad can use decorated things on the table like using yellow colour cloth with polka dots and using yellow tissue paper wrapping around the yellow spoon. In the middle of the table, you can decorate it with a yellow follower in a jar. You can serve juice in Mason jar cap having a picture of the sun.  So, hire Birthday party organisers in Faridabad today and avail sunshine theme party for your kid.

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