Mermaid Party Theme For Birthday

Nowadays mermaid is getting popular among children especially among girls of young age. We are sure that your little angel loves the theme of a mermaid on her special day. Throwing a birthday party according to the theme is a very interesting idea. For executing the idea with full satisfaction you can appoint birthday party organisers in Delhi and make the party memorable. If you want to do your own then you have to arrange all things according to the theme.

Mermaid Party Theme For Birthday


For decorating places you can opt for sea green or blue color through which you can provide a look of the ocean. You can create hanging in the shape of octopus and hang balloons of sea green color. If you can’t do then you can hire a birthday party organisers in Delhi Ncr and get the best decoration. With this, you can also use cutouts of mermaid and shells for hanging at walls and doors. You can also decorate the table by using plates with a picture of a mermaid.


Arranging food is very important according to the theme. The very thing you have to arrange is cake and you can opt it with the figure of mermaid or shape of a mermaid tail. With this, you can also have cookies in the shape of starfish and whale. You can opt for a birthday party organizer in Faridabad as they will provide the best quality dishes. You can also bake cupcakes with white cream frosting with a topping of half tale of a mermaid.

Return Gift

Nowadays a return gift has become an important part of the party and it is like memory which kids take with them. In this, you can arrange a gift of stationery which has printed of mermaid-like an eraser, scale, pencil, and many other things. All these things can also arrange by the birthday party organizer in Gurgaon as it will increase the excitement of children. You can also gift a mermaid doll if your budget is high.

Mermaid Photo Shoot

The most amazing thing about party children waits for their turn to act like a mermaid. For this, you can arrange a big poster of the different mermaid in which there will be holes on their faces. Then one by one kid will poke their face on that cutout and click photos. You can appoint a birthday party organizer in Ghaziabad they will arrange all stuff.



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