Birthday is a special event for all of us. But when it comes to your children, all want to on the day of their special and memorable. You will no stones unturned to leave to make a precious thing the birthday party of your child.  Surprises and authentic things is what every guy likes to thrive in their birthday. Well, with a lot of creative things spring up, one can event align perfectly plans the dreams of your loving children. What is more important than catches the eye of every guest is the setting of the party. An eye catchy design with perfect theme will be a magical spell on everyone and the event will remember an affair until eternity.


Here are some party decor ideas and tips that will help you perspire dream of your child into reality through birthday event and transform any party into bona fide bash:


Colorful and character themes: Themes play a crucial role in enhancing the mood of the party. Attractive colorful themes clubbed with the cartoon character selected, will make the more lively and interesting. Say if your child keeps ben1o than the color of green tones with Ben10 characters perfect option to go for. Vivid colors and cute themes are usually included by the organizers as they threw first impression of the event and the first impression is the last impression.
Floral Decoration: It is truly said that flowers provide emotional and health benefits and thus provide a perfect treat for the eyes. Birthday bathed with flowers will give soothing and divine aura to the whole event. Nicely decorated flowers will make your event memorable and nostalgic.

Balloon decoration: Balloons are adored and loved by all the children. They enjoy playing with different colorful balloons. So decorating the event with lots of balloons will surely be loved and enjoyed by all the children. Decorating the party with balloons and makes it spectacular is out of the box ideas that will rock the day. singing balloons, bubble, air-filled balloon characters, confetti-filled balloons etc for birthday decoration – One can incorporate different types of balloons.

Toys: Toys are every kid’s best friend. They get easily connected with their favorite toys. Say for example if your daughter loves Barbie doll she will be happy if you keep the whole event associated with it, or if your son Moogali you can choose Jungle Book theme to decorate as a backdrop for the event. Your child will not only be pleased with such an idea, but will enjoy the party to the fullest.


Story book theme: Children enjoying reading would love if you are planning a story book themed decor for their anniversary day. This out of the box theme will be a great surprise quotient for your children, who will give remind the party to eternity. Also a favorite story book for your child can be given as a return gift to all his / her friends. A unique theme to really go !!

All the aforementioned themes are intended to create eternally nostalgic niche in the minds of your child and the guests who come to the event. At the end of the day the happiness of your child and smile of his / her face is what counts and matters and to guarantee all these themes and decor ideas it.



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  1. Thanks for the ideas! The ideas that you have shared here are a great way to make a memorable birthday party. This is definitely something I will pass along!

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