Dr. Seuss Birthday Party theme for kids

This is one of the most popular themes for a birthday party. It is the way through which you can promote literacy and can tell the importance of reading. Now, most of the people throw a party so that they can honor DR. Seuss. The party will provide excitement for all age group of children. To make party more interesting you can also hire birthday party organisers in gurgaon .

The Cat in the Hat Party

You will find many different types of birthday idea on DR. Seuss and the cat in the hat is one of them. In this, you can use different shapes of balloons and use them for making hair, face, hands, legs for creating thing 1 and thing 2. In the center of the table, you can use a goldfish bowl. All this arrangement can also done by Birthday party organizer in Delhi so you feel relaxed.

Lorax Punch

You can also make the guest feel fresh by providing them Lorax punch. The juice can be poured in the large jar having the face with big eyes, eyebrows, and mustaches. The drink could be made using real oranges and mix with some other sweet fruits. You can serve punch in funky glasses for children.

Seuss Character Cookies

For the party, you can bake or buy cookies which are decorated with different types of fishes. The cookies will provide fun in the party and children will love to eat Suess character cookies with vanilla frosting. The best food will be arrange when you will appont Birthday party organizer in Gurgaon with fresh products.

Seuss Style Cake

The most important part of the party is cake and you can bake cake accordingly to the theme. You can have two or three tiered cake in which you can mimic the image of the popular character of the Suess book. You can also use the fishes of different colors. This will create increase the excitement level of the party. Different types of cake can be made by Birthday party organizer in Faridabad in perfect way.

Seuss Direction Sign

You can easily make it using blue and red color paper. In this, you can show the different direction of the dishes with written of the name. Even you can use this at the entry of the party venue for providing direction of the party. You can take a print out of it using a unique style of pattern. No need of taking tension when you can easily hire Birthday party organizer in Delhi for all work.

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