5 Tips to Help You Plan a Stress-Free Wedding

‘Planning my wedding was really easy and stress-free!’ – said no bride ever. Every bride dreams of having the perfect big fat Indian wedding where everything from the wedding venue and outfit to the food and entertainment has to be just right! While it’s a lot of fun to plan a dreamy wedding, the execution of it all can take a heavy toll on you. At some point or the other, you will most likely come to your wit’s end with all the decision making and coordinating between vendors which can add a lot of stress which no bride wants! But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are 5tips to help you deal with the additional stress that comes with planning the wedding and helps ease the entire process:

  1. Hire a Wedding Planner

While you can choose to handle all the vendors, food tastings, designer trials and the various other appointments yourself, it is best to hire a wedding planner who can take care of all the scheduling, so you are free to concentrate on the more important stuff. Even if you are halfway through the planning process, it’s never too late to enlist the help of a professional wedding planner to help take away the stress that comes with planning and organizing the various ceremonies.

  1. Choose the Right Vendors

You must take the time out to properly review each vendor you are working with during the wedding and do your research in terms of reviews from other couples with respect to the services provided by the said vendor. It is really important to have the right type of vendors, who are well-experienced, professional and committed to providing you and your guests with the best possible experience. Pro Tip – If you are hiring a wedding planner, ask them for their list of preferred vendors. This way your planner will be working with known vendors which assures quality and who knows, they might be able to give you a discount on the whole package.

  1. Set Time Asidefor Yourself

Once you have your wedding planner and vendor team in place, half the battle against stress is won! Now you need to focus on your personal preparation for the wedding. Most brides enjoy joining the gym as a way of dealing with stress while helping them get into shape right before the wedding and in order to prepare themselves for the all the extra calories they will be eating during and after the wedding. You can choose to perform your favourite workout, take up a new hobby or even meditate to help ease off the stress!

  1. Talk About It

Sometimes no amount of planning and organizing can avoid certain gaffes here and there. In such cases, venting to a family member or your best friend is the only way around it. So, whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or extremely stressed about something, it is best to talk it out and let it all out with your sister/best friend. All you need is a shopping + brunch day at Promenade with your favourite girls to get things back on track, or maybe Hauz Khas village, whatever suits your tastes better! And remind yourself, it’s okay to be a little jittery before the wedding!

  1. Financial Backup

Many-a-times, no amount of planning and budgeting can account for the miscellaneous expenses and last-minute purchases that happen. If you are planning a wedding on a well thought out budget, you must leave room for unforeseen expenses. In case of larger expenses, there are a variety of options with respect to providing emergency personal loans in Delhi. These personal loans typically have a lesser approval time and easier repayment options! With such flexible repayment options, it is also worth considering a personal line of credit when planning your honeymoon, so you don’t have to compromise on anything, be it your wedding festivities or your honeymoon!

Finally, every time things get really stressful, take a moment to sit down and remind yourself about the reason you are planning this wedding – your soulmate. Remember you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and how you want to share this with all your closest friends and family. Keep the bigger picture in mind to help you navigate through the wedding planning processes with a smile!


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