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Kids enjoy parties very much and if it is their birthday party, then the enjoyment doubles as the kid gets lots of gifts and blessings on this day. Besides this, parents arrange parties for the birthday celebration. The birthday parties can be arranged at home or in hotel. If the party is arranged in hotel, then parents just have to pay the amount and decide the menu, rest is the responsibility of the hotel. But if the party is being arranged at home and many people are invited, then party organizers can be consulted. Party organizers help the parents to become stress free   as they have the responsibility of managing the party as per the parent’s instructions.

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Planning a theme

Parents can plan a theme and the party should go around that theme. The decoration, games, and food can be based on the theme. It can be a beach picnic, garden theme, talent show, and many others.

Guest list

Parents should make guest list by consulting with the birthday boy or birthday girl. The invitation cards can either be made in home or can be ordered or bought from stores.  The cards can include the theme of the birthday and instructions accordingly.


Parents should let the organizers know where the party is to be arranged. It can be at home or at any picnic spot like beach, garden, park, zoo, or any other such place. The Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi can organize the party accordingly.


The decoration of the venue should be based on the birthday theme. The venue should be decorated as per the imagination of the kid. For example, if the theme is garden, then the decoration should include plants, trees, and flowers. If the theme is dinosaur, then images and drawings of dinosaur can be there. There can be many other themes and the venue can be decorated accordingly.


The entertainment should be arranged according to the age of guests. Adults and children can be entertained by playing various games. The games for the children or the adults should long for not more than 15 to 30 minutes as long duration games can bore the children especially those who are five years of age or less. Besides games, the guests can also perform talent shows, which may make others laugh, enjoy, or learn anything.


Food in a birthday party will not look tasty unless there is a cake, which can be either ordered outside or can be prepared at home. If the cake is being bought from a confectionery, the children’s choice must be taken in to consideration. Next thing is ice cream, which the children like most. The menu should include both veg and non-veg items as there are some people who prefer veg only.

Essential Checklist You Have To Keep In Mind While Making Arrangements For A Birthday Party

Celebrating the birthday of your loved ones is not a walk in the park. There is so much of expectation and love associated with this event. To meet up with the level of expectation is no fun. It calls for some real hard work and a significant quantity of creativity as well. Before you throw a colossal party you would have to make it sure that things are in place. The decoration part should be spick and span. The doorways, the tables and the floors should be astoundingly decorated. The color of the room or the tent (where you propose to celebrate the birthday) needs to be taken into serious consideration. There are so many things to be recollected.

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Security aspects

In the midst of all the fun as well as frolic you must not forget one thing. Along with making arrangements of proper fun and exhilaration for the guests you would be required to look after the security aspects very intently. If you have hired a pro birthday organizer then ask the service provider to make necessary arrangements which will ensure the safety and security of your guests. You need to check out the fire safety arrangements proper to organizing the party in a tent or in any rented property.

Taking care of the logistics with certain level of efficacy

You need to have all the logistics related details at your disposal. these details are going to come handy before the event sets in motion. Do not flout the importance of the logistical aspects at all. You need to know that these logistical aspects are actually related (almost integrally) with the chances of success of the birthday bash that you propose to celebrate. Organize all the important and specific details in such a fashion that you can grab hold of them anytime you want. In most cases people tend to make mistakes with the decorative aspects. At times they do some mistakes with the list of invitees. So these areas should be in your focus. You need to specifically check the invitations. You have to ensure that you have sent them personally to the invitees.

The checklist that you came to explore is an essential component in each birthday party. To make sure that your party is not devoid of the required amount of fun and excitement you need to keep the abovementioned tips and suggestions registered in your mind. Take care of the refreshment part pretty well and with no scope of mistakes.

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The first question that comes to your mind when you are about to throw a birthday party is: WHERE. Planning a rather small and intimate birthday party at your house or backyard would not require you to worry about the venue. But, if this is your kid’s 1st birthday or your father’s 50th, you must be making a list of a good number of guests.  With so many guests to accommodate, a suitable venue is of utmost priority. Well of course, when you are calling your guests to some other location, it will be the talk of the town. Thus, you have to choose your venue wisely.

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Let us have a deeper look at some of the knacks of picking an appropriate venue for your birthday party.

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  1. How far is it?

A venue should not be too far from your locality or your town wherever you have decided to throw a party. Calculate the amount of time it would take you to reach there. Besides if you are carrying some things or props of your own, you should reach the venue in advance. Even if your birthday is a local event still you should look out the benefits of booking a banquet hall. But, if your guests are coming from outstation, then a known place would do the trick. Also, consider transportation and traffic of the area where your venue is located. If you are providing invitations to your guests, then laying out the map of the venue would also be helpful.

  1. How much space does it have?

Do not choose just on the basis of its backdrop, although it is equally necessary. But, talking about the matter at hand, your venue should have ample space so that you can accommodate a 100 guests under one roof.

If this is some outdoor party, then you need not worry about the seating arrangement. But, for an autumn or winter birthday, when the weather is pretty chilly, an indoor birthday party should be a wise choice. Moreover, having a venue large enough to accommodate all the guests, would comprise of multiple restrooms and parking facilities which you won’t be able to provide at your home.

  1. What’s the venue’s stance on catering service?

While you have selected a venue, make sure that the venue has the facility of Birthday Catering. Food is the backbone of any party and with your decided menu, you may even customize the chef’s menu at the location and DIY the foods and drinks easily. Though cake is the show-stopper for every birthday, you may even ask for some Custom cakes as well. Look out for their specialty by asking them to prepare the cakes as per your theme.

While going for a catering service, make sure that you are aware of the price of each and every food. The catering service is equally responsible for the table-top arrangement. A nicely folded napkin and the placing of cutlery is equally impact ful when you are planning to throw a dashing birthday party.

  1. Will they provide a Party Planner?

Most of the party venues these days provide an event planner who will accompany and advice you at every step of your planning. Besides, if you are a novice in party planning and that too for such a large scale then having a party planner beside you would prove to be of much help.

Party planners are highly experienced and can give your ideas the perfect shape. You may convey and share your opinions and let him execute the decoration with his professional touch. An event planner can also help you with your budget. If you are on a limited budget, then planning for some extravaganza won’t be wise. But, he might bring out the best out of your prescribed budget as well.

  1. What about the Birthday Party Decoration?

Just like the food and napkin affects the event’s reputation, the same goes with the decoration. A party without decoration is like an empty shell. Decoration brings about liveliness inside a party.

Nowadays it’s not just about balloons and a “Happy Birthday” sign that can suffice the decoration. Plenty of quirky ideas have been introduced time and again to create a more vibrant environment in a party. The venues today have efficient event planners who can enrich your venue with the likeable entities seen in a party. You may even customize something special and dedicate it to the Birthday Girl/Boy.

A decoration of a venue comprises of different levels. It might include the decoration of the buffet table or a special focal point as well. Some people are more enthusiastic about decorating the entire room or garden or wherever they are about to host.

  1. How good is the Parking Facility?

When you have to take in so many guests under one roof, then having an expansive parking facility is a must. Check if your selected venue has a parking lot or valet parking facility?

A venue with such a huge parking facility is a dream because parking for 100 cars just doesn’t seem plausible. For this, you may help out your guests by hiring some multi-parking facility or nearby parking area of others.

  1. How is the venue going to handle your Entertainment?

When planning a birthday, do not forget to include some entertainment and fun activities for your guests. If yours is an outdoor party, then have a look at some of the outdoor ideas such as bouncy castles etc.

But, if this is going to be an indoor party, then ask your venue about the type of entertainment they are going to provide. Choose your games intelligently by involving all age groups.

How could you ignore the kids even if this is your grandfather’s birthday? If you have organized a theme, you may orchestrate your games according to it.

  1. Will it provide you with all the Required Services?

The modern birthday parties are not just about cakes, gifts, and décor. Ask your venue whether it has an in-house catering service. There are many venues that are in partnership with some outside food vendors.

You should also make sure that the venue has a sound system, audio-visual equipment, tables, chairs and all other amenities that should be part of their event planning service. Asking about these things can save you a lot of money from outsourcing the caterers, games, and any other technical installations.

  1. How much is the Cost?

While booking a venue for your occasion, handle your cost issue at first. It would be huge chaos if you have to go into debt for your birthday. Choose the venue which is affordable and has a pleasant backdrop.

Organizing your party at some uptown location can really mess with your pre-defined budget. Don’t pick some over the large venue that can accommodate 500 guests when it is just a matter of 80 guests for you.

  1. What kind of Shared or Private space is provided?

A private space is definitely preferable over a shared space since it keeps the intimacy of the occasion intact.

If you go with a shared space option, then you are definitely going to face some interference from the unknown party who are also celebrating over there.

  1. What will be the Seating Layout?

Since this, your birthday party, having a theatre style seating would not do at all. Have a look at the floor space of your chosen venue and check whether a banquet style, cabaret style or a family style sitting arrangement would be perfect for you.

If you have to save some space for your dance and DJ, try to avoid too many tables and set up an alternate arrangement that will take less space.

  1. What is the Ambience of the Venue?

When you are organizing a birthday party, ambience is one of the crucial factors that you have to consider in earnest. For a summer or spring birthday, an outdoor venue would be great if you are planning to have an evening event.

For a winter birthday party, having an indoor venue arrangement would be a better choice as you cannot just let your guests shiver in this cold!

But, an outdoor venue for a day event is preferable for a winter birthday party as well.

  1. Are you Flexible with your Venue?

Having an outdoor party in a rainy season would prove disastrous if you don’t have an alternative for your guests. With the accessibility of both indoor and outdoor, you don’t have to worry about the weather if it tries to dampen your outdoor plans.

  1. Is your Venue Available?

Do not make this disastrous mistake of assuming that your venue is reserved when it is already booked by someone else for the day. Check out that the venue is available and then make the prior arrangement. If possible you may choose some locations out of your locality if you have plans to throw the party at any other venue.

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Ways to show your husband some love on his Birthday!

Husbands are the nicest people on earth. Or that’s what we like to think at least. Your husband might be a little lazy, self-righteous or even a bit of a miser, but he does deserve your love. After all he was there for you when you needed him the most! Making birthdays special for the man that has everything can be hard to do. Doing little things throughout the day to make him feel special will mean more than a big store-bought gift.

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  • A nice Breakfast in bed!

The surest way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Have you ever done this? Sometimes it’s not that easy. Your husband may need to get up early for work. In that case, you can always make a hot breakfast in a bag to go. One of the easiest things to make is a breakfast including his favourite food.  He might like chicken sausages or ham or anything else that he craves for. Serve it hot and include a side of fruit or yogurt. Don’t forget the sweets. Also, don’t forget the birthday note or Hallmark card from the kids to make him feel extra special.

  • Birthday surprise in his office!

Men work all the time, we know. If work is truly his first love, then plan a birthday surprise around it. Get a few balloons, bake a wonderful cake and decorate his office. Make sure all his colleagues and employees sing a wonderful happy birthday song for him.  He will be really happy seeing that kind of affection on a hectic day. There will be smiles all around. A pure moment of joy!

  • Plan an exciting Adventure for him!

Instead of getting your husband something, plan him an experience to remember. Some ideas are: a helicopter ride, balloon ride, tour of fighter jets, a boat or rafting trip, mountain climbing adventure, zip line tour. If he gets off work early to go, have everything he needs ready to go. He might really like to go trekking or visit a scenic place.  Arrange all the necessities and make all the reservations in time. Plan the whole day for him

  • A Romantic Dinner

Men do love romance as well. They just don’t show it as well. He would really like a romantic date with a candle light dinner and some great food. Go to is favourite restaurant and tell them in advance. They might even provide a nice bottle of champagne to go with the cake. Pamper your loved one with a great night out. Gift him a nice watch or a gold ring to top it up!

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Ways to Celebrate Your Baby 1st Birthday Party

If you are going to celebrate the first birthday of your baby, first: Congratulations, now to focus on the big day make the organization and preparation very nicely so that everyone celebrate this special moment with full of joy and happiness!

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There are many ways to celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday party. The important thing is not the illusion missing. Here we give you some tips:

1- Set the date and time of the party, and make the guest list: The little friends of your baby with his parents, and especially the family.

2- Make or buy invitation cards. Invitation card is the first thing that is included in the list of 1st birthday party supplies. There are parents who like to custom invitation, with baby photo and a summary of the first year of his life, and why they want to celebrate. Other stamp in a carton little hands in colors. And others, lack of time, prefer to go straight to the point. There are a variety of cards to choose from in the market. Hand over the card with a short week in advance, and better personally.

3- Choose the theme for the decoration of the party. There are a lot of specialized 1st birthday party supplies necessary for 1st birthday decorations of your kid. There you will find napkins, straws, plates and glasses, pinatas, tablecloths, cutlery, balloons and a myriad of custom objects, on various topics: Winnie the pooh, Pocoyo, Teletubbies, Sesame Street, Dumbo, Bambi, etc.

4- Make an assortment of foods. Prepare an assortment of sweet and savory that can be served comfortably. For the friends of your son, you can prepare fresh fruit juices, fruit yoghurts, jellies, some homemade cookies and / or muffins. For parents, you can prepare sandwiches, tortillas, chips, snacks, and do not forget the drinks, and above all, of the cake with candle, for the baby to enjoy the thrill of off his first candle.

5- Take pictures and videos: A great idea for the occasion, take pictures and videos of your little one, so that he/she can be joyous when they seen these pictures further.

6- Entertain kids: Regarding activities for babies, in addition to surprise with pinata, use a small or line table with a tablecloth of the soil, to establish a space so that they can scribble with crayons and / or ways to give clay. Other than that, you can also entertain the kids with songs and dances. For example, “The yard of my house “, “Under a button,” “rain, rain …”, “The Ring Around the Rosy” and “A fat lady” and others. You can include all these entertainment activity things in the list of 1st birthday party supplies.

7- Gifts: As party favors you can give to the little guests a balloon. They will be happy.

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Budget-friendly kids’ birthday party

Planning your child’s birthday can sometimes be a tough job. You and your child wait for the entire year for this day to be celebrated with great zeal. But by the time your child’s birthday approaches, you are too confused as to what needs to be done and in which manner. Whom to invite? Where to arrange the party? How to organize and arrange things? What time should be kept for the party? Organizing and making the kids play games and also involving their parents along should be done.

No matter how big or small your party is, you should, look into and cater to all your needs by yourself if your budget is less. Start the supply hunting as early as possible as this will give you time to hunt for cheap and reasonable return gifts for your child’s friends. And apart from selecting gifts, you can also search for things to decorate which are budget friendly.

Throw your child’s birthday bash under budget. Here are some tips to make your toddlers’ birthday bash very fun and exciting at the same time should keep in mind the cost-cutting portions.

  1. You can throw a birthday bash in some small place like Mc. Donald’s. Such places are fun to go and hold your child’s birthday bash. At the same time, these places are quite reasonable and budget friendly.
  2. At such places, you can order menu according to your budget as well.
  3. A birthday party organizer in Delhi can also help you find the exact lawn/banquet/hall for your party as per your budget and requirement. But a lawn can be quite expensive so never go for a party organizer if your budget is quite small. You can create enough space and can decorate the open space of your own house. This will also bring a warm and welcoming feeling for the kids.
  4. Click and shoot photos by yourself. Do not hire a photographer if your budget is less. You can click and shoot the children while playing and having fun, by your very own camera and can convert these memories into a beautiful DIY album.

Always decorate your house by yourself. The kids love when the parents involve themselves with the kids for decorating the house for them. You can also create themes by yourself. There are many DIY ideas on the net by which you can organize a budget-friendly party for your child.



Small list of decorating the house for kids’ birthday party

Hosting a Little Girls’ Princess Birthday Party: Inexpensive and Fabulous!

Parents take lot of burdens to throw a Kid’s birthday party in metro locations like Delhi. Throwing your little girl birthday party at some 5-star hotel or some other venue will cost a lot. It’s a nice option if you have the budget set in your mind and you can hire a professional event management company. It takes lots of preparation and the good amount of money is spending when you plan on your own. There are few popular birthday party organizers in Delhi like who can organize a fabulous inexpensive event in your budget.

We will share a few ideas which you can input for little girl birthday party. If you are not super crafty you can still count on event management organizers. The most popular theme for a little girl is the princess party which will never go wrong. It is best suitable for a primary school girl. There are many other innovative themes which kid’s event company can plan as per the age and taste of the kid.

There are few things you should know about organizing inexpensive birthday party for kids

Timings of the kid’s birthday party

Lot of money is spent on the catering and all. If a party is held in the evening having starters and dinner, then definitely, you need to have the variety of dishes. As per our advice, you can host the party at 2 pm onwards till 6 pm. It is the best time; there is no need to organize dinner. However, if you have to organize dinner for your guest then you have to limit the dishes to organize catering in the budget. Partsharty Birthday party organizer in Delhi is really good at planning the catering in your budget maintaining the standard.

Go digital for inviting your guest

No need to spend money on printing the invitations. It is a time to go digital. Next time invite your guest through e-invitation. It will save lots of time, money and effort.

Hire a kid’s party organizer

The best part is to hire a company. As it has tie-ups and links with the decorators, caterer, host, venue etc, It is the time to relax and spend some good time with your little girl and leave all the load on the company. Hire Partsharty for organizing the birthday party event for your little one.


Birthday Party Planning – 3 Solutions to Birthday Party Jealousy

Celebrating a birthday in childhood is every aspect of every child. But while you being a child celebrating your birthday there are few small guests in your celebration i.e. those children in your birthday who are jealous of your celebration. They try to catch all the attention of the birthday and their parents keep saying we will do this and that on your birthday. But all the methods or tricks of that jealous child fails as it’s your birthday, it’s your day.

Here are some tips to avoid some kind of such situations and make your birthday special:

  • Make them remind that they too will have their birthday

If you see someone crying just of jealousy, it’s your duty to make them stop being jealous. Know the reason and try to please them. Make them feel better in a different way. If they are annoyed with the type of your celebration then make realize that they too will have the same type of celebration on their birthday. It’s time for enjoyment not being jealous and ruin theirs as well as others mood. So enjoy the cake, the different dishes made and just wait for your special day of your life.

  • Give them return gift

There is sometimes the possibility that the kids are jealous just because they are not getting gifts. It is a genuine reason for jealousy. Being kid one don’t have much knowledge of differentiating between their own and others birthday. According to them, they are not getting the gifts while others are getting. So just to make other kids visiting the birthday party which is organized by Birthday party organizers in Delhi, they should be calm and cool and enjoy the whole evening without any disturbance it is very important to provide them with a return gift. This will not only make them feel better but also not being jealous and ruin your special day.

  • Call their parents

If the above way fails then no need to further make any attempts. You just need to call the parents of that kid who is ruining your day. They now don’t need any lesson or teaching they need the warmth of parents. As parents can only fulfill their wish and save your day. Parents can promise them to celebrate the birthday same or even better way. They can understand their own kid better and keep them happy. This will save your day.

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How to Do Party Decorations with the help of party planners

Kids’ party organizers hired not just to make your job easy, but also to get expert advice and a special touch to an event. The procedure planning of parties is very strenuous and it misses often something happens that our notice. Organizing birthdays in cities like Delhi is so much more hectic as most people here Been to large parties and it is not easy to please them. There is also a need to throw good parties to maintain this status in your community. Hiring us as organizers birthday party allows you to sit back and relax as we will take full responsibility for your event and make it a grand success. As organizers party, we did not leave any aspect untouched. However, our reputation for delivering birthday party ideas spread far and wide. We deliver customized party solutions and suggestions for each of our customers and our esta comes from understanding of what each client is looking for. The 7 + years of experience our team members who carry with them is what has made us the leading Among children party planners in the esta area. THEREFORE, we are reliable to handle everything that goes into a party and not leave any room for complaints.

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As Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Haryana, Roorke, Kashipur, Meerut, Moradabad, Rishikesh, Rohtak, Jind, Sonipath, Panipath, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Rajasthan, Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Faizabad Patna, Rachi, Muzaffarpur, Kota, Uttrakhand, Hisar, Greater Noida, Nainital, Raipur, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Indore, Agra, Vaishali, Vasundhra, Indirapuram we can suggest some of the most unique birthday party decorations. So, be it a theme party or a general, we will be able to suggest something to suit both your pocket and appeal to your aesthetic. If you are wondering whether we are able to create separate decors for boys and girls, then yes, we can. Our birthday party ideas for girls is different from the birthday party ideas for boys, but we can also put together a general layout and arrangement, if that’s what you seek. Our team will have a meeting with you to understand what exactly you are looking for and then come up with their suggestions and ideas. Work will start when you approve our plans.

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Themed birthday parties for children are also becoming very popular these days and we can also generate some great birthday party themes for your little one. Do not stay under the impression that you need a big budget to organize a theme party – we can work on the costs and see what how we can fit a plan within a budget and even suggest ways to reduce costs. If price is no bar to you, then we can also suggest how you can make the most of your budget and avoid making unnecessary expenses.

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Birthday themes are successful when done well and it is something that we make to the core. Working with us is also fun, because we have access to some really good party supplies Delhi. Nothing beats some unique and bright viewfinder decorative elements on a child’s birthday party, and we can assure you about the quality of these products. When it comes to anything related to kids party planning, you can give us a call at: + 075035 05019 !

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Tips to Plan Your Birthday Decoration – Balloon Decoration Ideas

birthday party organisers in delhi

Choose the color of your balloons according to your theme. Balloon color is very important for theme parties.
Now analyze your party area. Imagine your party area, how it will look after decoration.
Choose the right place to put your balloon structure and bunches.
Now Start Making balloon bunches of four balloons, six balloons or more.

birthday party organisers in delhi
While the balloon bunches trying to use two different colors.
Take a stand and tie balloons to stand. You can say it as a balloon stand.

birthday party organisers in delhi
Balloon Stands is need to place on another place for party venue.

Now you have to take a PPC electricity pipes. Volume balloon bunches from the beginning to the end of the tube.
We use this PPC pipes to make balloon arch gate. Paste this ppc pipes balloon stand and your bow ready.

birthday party organisers in delhi
Take a wire under your party area size. Place these balloon bunches on this line with a certain distance. This thread balloon is used to cover your Party tag.
Now start placing things on the right place.

birthday party organisers in delhi
Put Balloon arc in front of the main gate.
Place balloon stand at the corners from where it is visible to the guests. You can also place them stand some where in the middle of the party area.
Insert balloon bunches on the wall where you feel that it will look better.
Volume balloons threaded from one end to and end, to cover your party areas.
You can also place some toys and chocolates on the tables.
Decorate your cake table with balloons, candles and networks.

birthday party organisers in delhi
Put some foil balloons in your party area. Foil balloons come in various forms animated character. So you can buy foil balloons according to your theme
Cover your cake table by theme. You can buy Table coverage from the market, or you can also made it home.
Use light on the balloons, so it will shine and acts as party will start.

birthday party organisers in delhi
Cake is the heart of birthday so buy cake from the nice shop. Book your cake for your theme from delightful place.
There are many other parts of balloon decorating that will blow your party.