Mermaid Party Theme For Birthday

Nowadays mermaid is getting popular among children especially among girls of young age. We are sure that your little angel loves the theme of a mermaid on her special day. Throwing a birthday party according to the theme is a very interesting idea. For executing the idea with full satisfaction you can appoint birthday party organisers in Delhi and make the party memorable. If you want to do your own then you have to arrange all things according to the theme.

Mermaid Party Theme For Birthday


For decorating places you can opt for sea green or blue color through which you can provide a look of the ocean. You can create hanging in the shape of octopus and hang balloons of sea green color. If you can’t do then you can hire a birthday party organisers in Delhi Ncr and get the best decoration. With this, you can also use cutouts of mermaid and shells for hanging at walls and doors. You can also decorate the table by using plates with a picture of a mermaid.


Arranging food is very important according to the theme. The very thing you have to arrange is cake and you can opt it with the figure of mermaid or shape of a mermaid tail. With this, you can also have cookies in the shape of starfish and whale. You can opt for a birthday party organizer in Faridabad as they will provide the best quality dishes. You can also bake cupcakes with white cream frosting with a topping of half tale of a mermaid.

Return Gift

Nowadays a return gift has become an important part of the party and it is like memory which kids take with them. In this, you can arrange a gift of stationery which has printed of mermaid-like an eraser, scale, pencil, and many other things. All these things can also arrange by the birthday party organizer in Gurgaon as it will increase the excitement of children. You can also gift a mermaid doll if your budget is high.

Mermaid Photo Shoot

The most amazing thing about party children waits for their turn to act like a mermaid. For this, you can arrange a big poster of the different mermaid in which there will be holes on their faces. Then one by one kid will poke their face on that cutout and click photos. You can appoint a birthday party organizer in Ghaziabad they will arrange all stuff.



Barbie Party Theme Ideas For Kids

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party theme for kids

This is one of the most popular themes for a birthday party. It is the way through which you can promote literacy and can tell the importance of reading. Now, most of the people throw a party so that they can honor DR. Seuss. The party will provide excitement for all age group of children. To make party more interesting you can also hire birthday party organisers in gurgaon .

The Cat in the Hat Party

You will find many different types of birthday idea on DR. Seuss and the cat in the hat is one of them. In this, you can use different shapes of balloons and use them for making hair, face, hands, legs for creating thing 1 and thing 2. In the center of the table, you can use a goldfish bowl. All this arrangement can also done by Birthday party organizer in Delhi so you feel relaxed.

Lorax Punch

You can also make the guest feel fresh by providing them Lorax punch. The juice can be poured in the large jar having the face with big eyes, eyebrows, and mustaches. The drink could be made using real oranges and mix with some other sweet fruits. You can serve punch in funky glasses for children.

Seuss Character Cookies

For the party, you can bake or buy cookies which are decorated with different types of fishes. The cookies will provide fun in the party and children will love to eat Suess character cookies with vanilla frosting. The best food will be arrange when you will appont Birthday party organizer in Gurgaon with fresh products.

Seuss Style Cake

The most important part of the party is cake and you can bake cake accordingly to the theme. You can have two or three tiered cake in which you can mimic the image of the popular character of the Suess book. You can also use the fishes of different colors. This will create increase the excitement level of the party. Different types of cake can be made by Birthday party organizer in Faridabad in perfect way.

Seuss Direction Sign

You can easily make it using blue and red color paper. In this, you can show the different direction of the dishes with written of the name. Even you can use this at the entry of the party venue for providing direction of the party. You can take a print out of it using a unique style of pattern. No need of taking tension when you can easily hire Birthday party organizer in Delhi for all work.

Barbie Party Theme Ideas For Kids

Barbie is like by all girls and they like to get dressed up like them with bright colors. You can throw a party in such a way that will unforgettable for your daughter. For throwing a party you can opt birthday party organizer in Gurgaon and enjoy the party. If you want to throw in your way then you can choose a pink and purple color for the theme. Nowadays you will find lots of pictures and movies related to Barbie and then you can choose the favorite one of your daughters.


Decoration of the venue is very important through it you can attract kids. You can use large and small cutouts of the Barbie and paste them on walls, doors, and hang them from the ceiling. You can also go to a birthday party organisers in delhi and decorate the place according to your choice. With this, you can decorate the table with the use of Barbie dolls with a different variety.

Dress Girl with Barbie Outfit

The most amazing and interesting part of the party when all the kids dressed according to the party theme. While preparing the invitation you can mention about dress up so that all come in their favorite Barbie look. The invitation can also be prepared by the birthday party organizer in Ghaziabad and you can feel relaxed. With this, you can also request parents to dress like Barbie as it will make the party more attractive.

Organize the Barbie Fashion Show

For entertaining kids, you can arrange a fashion show in which all kids will ready their Barbie. With this, you can also arrange a photo shoot in which all children will get ready and with different poses clicks photos. So they can remember the day for this you can also appoint a birthday party organizer in Faridabad and could make all the kids happy and excited.


Without a cake, a party is boring and meaningless. In this, you can opt for the cake which is given the shape of Barbie with her favourite color. For eating you can also go for cheddar popcorn in the cute pink color box. For having the best quality in the food you can hire birthday party organizer in Noida and they will provide all variety on time. With this, you can also get a strawberry smoothie with a lovely cupcake.


Now children are more attracted towards nature so they are inspiring to celebrate their birthday party taking the theme of nature one of the themes is sunshine. This theme is very unique and attractive for children towards the beautiful nature. Birthday party organisers in Delhi arrange food, games, and decoration according to the theme of sunshine by using a bright yellow colour.

Sunshine theme birthday party


While making an invitation you can create it using big sun and in between if you can paste the picture of your child and pasting small dots showing the rays of sun on all over the card. With the help of Birthday party organisers in Gurgaon, you can also write lines like ‘you are sunshine of my life’ in which you will also include the timing and date of the party.


The next step of the theme party is decoration where you can use cut-outs and hangings in the shape of the sun. Birthday party organisers in Noida can also paste the cut-outs of the sun with the sky on windows and doors to give the full environment of the sky. It will also give excitement feeling to children in that way they are flying in the sky.


It’s theme party so you should use food according to the theme sunshine in which you bake cupcake using cheese and mac in yellow strip paper bowl which is loveable to children, you can also add corn which are also of yellow colour in a yellow colour bowl, with this you can also cook lemon curd in between and around it slices of lemon which give look of rays of sun, with this you can add yellow colour lollipops and you can bake cake in sun shape giving yellow colour.


In this, you &Birthday party organisers in Ghaziabad can use decorated things on the table like using yellow colour cloth with polka dots and using yellow tissue paper wrapping around the yellow spoon. In the middle of the table, you can decorate it with a yellow follower in a jar. You can serve juice in Mason jar cap having a picture of the sun.  So, hire Birthday party organisers in Faridabad today and avail sunshine theme party for your kid.

Party organizer for kid’s party

Kids enjoy parties very much and if it is their birthday party, then the enjoyment doubles as the kid gets lots of gifts and blessings on this day. Besides this, parents arrange parties for the birthday celebration. The birthday parties can be arranged at home or in hotel. If the party is arranged in hotel, then parents just have to pay the amount and decide the menu, rest is the responsibility of the hotel. But if the party is being arranged at home and many people are invited, then party organizers can be consulted. Party organizers help the parents to become stress free   as they have the responsibility of managing the party as per the parent’s instructions.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Planning a theme

Parents can plan a theme and the party should go around that theme. The decoration, games, and food can be based on the theme. It can be a beach picnic, garden theme, talent show, and many others.

Guest list

Parents should make guest list by consulting with the birthday boy or birthday girl. The invitation cards can either be made in home or can be ordered or bought from stores.  The cards can include the theme of the birthday and instructions accordingly.


Parents should let the organizers know where the party is to be arranged. It can be at home or at any picnic spot like beach, garden, park, zoo, or any other such place. The Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi can organize the party accordingly.


The decoration of the venue should be based on the birthday theme. The venue should be decorated as per the imagination of the kid. For example, if the theme is garden, then the decoration should include plants, trees, and flowers. If the theme is dinosaur, then images and drawings of dinosaur can be there. There can be many other themes and the venue can be decorated accordingly.


The entertainment should be arranged according to the age of guests. Adults and children can be entertained by playing various games. The games for the children or the adults should long for not more than 15 to 30 minutes as long duration games can bore the children especially those who are five years of age or less. Besides games, the guests can also perform talent shows, which may make others laugh, enjoy, or learn anything.


Food in a birthday party will not look tasty unless there is a cake, which can be either ordered outside or can be prepared at home. If the cake is being bought from a confectionery, the children’s choice must be taken in to consideration. Next thing is ice cream, which the children like most. The menu should include both veg and non-veg items as there are some people who prefer veg only.

Party planners in Delhi

For organizing a memorable party one should hire the best party planners in the town. They make sure that every moment is exhilarating. You want to throw a small party or a grand, a private party or a royal one, the party sharty is your one-stop destination. It will be the talk of the town type party with us. The party planners are here to your rescue if you are stuck with the preparations of your loved one’s birthday party. With them, a theme based party is woven in a high-end environment.

All the theme-based activities that one can imagine are there to woo the kids as well as adults. The party planners can plan a party for younger kids, adults as well as elder birthday boy or girl. Everything is planned according to the budget and your requirements. They offer a lot of packages which can be shortlisted according to your requirement. These packages require their complete dedication and teamwork. They leave no stone unturned to make your party great in all respects. This is also a word of mouth publicity for them as well as improves their public relations.

The best part of taking professional help in organizing a party is that the children are busy the whole time. Traditional cultural events are blended with new international style celebrations. The DJ floor, the lighting, and the sound system give thrilling experience to one and all.

The highlight of the party becomes the photo booths, Magic shows, Mickey Mouse balloon to hop on, tattoo artist to print on small hands etc. The decorations are customized. The guests love the lilting music and the perfume of the place. The Birthday Party planners are a very flourishing business in Delhi as they are roped in by many parents nowadays.

The family members can give their complete time to all the guests and leave the preparations and the decorations to the event planners. They have a lot of experience as well as a good network of vendors. They ensure your day is stress-free and enjoyable for you and your family.

Best birthday party ideas for kids to make their birthday a memorable one

Everyone loves to have some fun on their birthday. Even if you are 50 years old, you at least look forward to some surprise from your children or some kind of fun to make that special a memorable one. If 50-year-old men or women have this desire, then just imagine the mindset of the kids in your home. If you haven’t given them a surprise birthday party on their birthday, then you are surely hurting their feelings without knowledge. Every small, as well as school going kids think of their birthday party long before it comes, so as a parent it is your responsibility to surprise them rather than giving simple bar chocolate for their birthday.

Here we bring you some useful birthday party ideas for kids which you can give this time for your children birthday. Please continue your reading to what the ideas are.

Choose the nearest Park:

It is not necessary to celebrate the birthday inside your home because your kids always aim at celebrating with outside kids rather than celebrating lonely inside your home. Set up the lights and pieces of music in the nearest park or garden around your living area and information about the birthday party to the neighbors. Because celebrating the birthday with neighbors and getting the gifts from the neighbor kids will rejoice your kids for sure.

Disco parties:

Disco party is one among the birthday party ideas for kids, so you can arrange a disco set up inside your home for the birthday kid to dance and enjoy. Even though if you have two or three kids in your home, try to add more kids for the disco party by calling them for the disco party so that your kid can feel the real disco environment inside your lovely home.


Camping is also one among the best birthday party Ideas for kids. This takes time to set up things, so choose the best open space for building the tents. After you build the tents, search for the young campers who are all interest participate in this outdoor activity. In the late evening, you can distribute the sweets and cakes for the kids who have helped you to make this day a memorable one.

Family bang-bang:

All your relations will be far away from you, so by hosting a wonderful birthday party, you can bring all your relatives to have a good celebration together with memories, drinks, dinner, lights, decorations, dolls and much more. If possible, you can put those dolls and gifts inside a room, and allow the kids to play inside it for a long time in the birthday night because your kid will enjoy playing with that kid’s whole night.

Surprise parties:

You can give surprise parties for your kids without telling anything about the plan on his/her special day. If you do not have kids around your area to host a party, select a room in your home and decorate the entire place with his/her favorite cartoon or superhero characters. On the birthday eve, let your birthday kid open the door, he/she will get shocked by surprise for sure.

Hope this article with information about the birthday party Ideas for kids will help you enjoy your kid’s birthday with more fun this time. Have a rocking birthday party this time!

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There are several major tips to be kept in mind while planning birthdays for kids. Though you can plan birthdays on your own as well, however birthday party organizers in Delhi NCR can surely help you with it. Let us discuss the tips to be kept in mind in order to throw a successful party.

Plan a theme

Planning a special theme for your child’s birthday is quite essential as this would make the event exciting for the guests and other kids. There are several theme ideas available and party organizers can also help you with it in the best way possible. You can even come up with some creative ideas yourself.

Get the cake

You can bake a cake on your own or order for the beautiful cake from the bakery shop. Make sure that the cake is yummy and looks beautiful.

Plan the menu

Plan the menu and make sure you plan it according to the taste of the fellow kids attending the party. Try to avoid foods that they might be allergic to. Party organizers can refer some best caterers who might help you with the same. These caterers would work according to your recommendations and take your advice in mind.

Plan the venue

Planning avenue is pretty much essential. If you have a big house, you can definitely throw the party at home or select a hotel or a farmhouse for the extra thrill. Make sure it has a good ambiance and make the deposit well in advance so that your booking does not get canceled at the last moment. Phew. You don’t want it right?

Send the invitations

Make sure that you send the invitations well in advance so that you do not have to bother about it at the last moment. This way you can also make sure that the guests you have invited are actually coming over.

Arrange for entertainment

It is quite important to arrange for entertainment such as games, DJ or music to keep the guests engrossed. You can surely get your own creativity to work and arrange games o take help of professionals. This way you can make the party pretty memorable.

These tips are very much essential and hence do keep them in mind. Make sure that the party is a splendid one and you make all the children and their parents happy.


Why should you celebrate a birthday party for toddlers?

How to surprise your kid’s on his birthday

Birthday parties are always fun for both children and adults. Where adult does get together and children like the company of siblings and friends. The parent does plan to surprise their kids on their birthday. How fun it is to surprise your kids with something special on their special day. You will easily find a good birthday party organizer in Gurgaon. These organizers are expert at organizing birthday parties. You can opt for various party themes for your kids. For kids birthday parties means fun and excitement for the whole day.

birthday party organisers in delhi

Choose themes for Boy

If you have a boy kid you can choose themes like supermen, jungle safari, Batman, Spiderman etc. A good party organizer will suggest you more themes as per the choice of your kid’s favourite cartoon character, sports person or a Bollywood and Hollywood hero.  These organizers arrange all kind of fun and adventure activities for the joy and engagement of your kids and your guest. They will decorate the hall and garden according to the theme.

birthday party organisers in gurgaon

Choose themes for Girl

If you have a girl kid you can go for themes like Barbie doll, Princes or Alice in Wonderland. Organizing a party for kids includes food, beverages, chocolates, music and all entertainment activities. These party organizers know how to create an ambience to surprise your kids. The birthday boy and girl will be given special attention to make them feel like a prince or princess.

Customize party theme

You can also go for any customize party theme like a rainbow, under the sea etc.  Planning a party is not an easy job. It requires lots of time and efforts. The party organizers have an expert team of employees who arrange everything for you. Hence hiring a party organizer is a good idea to surprise your kids without disturbing your routine job.

The party organizer knows how to engage or involve everyone in fun activities. So your kids and guest will not feel bored during the function. You can ask your party organizer to arrange a DJ to let everyone dance with the beats. Both kids and adults love to dance on the floor. These organizers will arrange everything according to your choice and budget.

You just need to invite your guest and take your kids to surprise them with the ambience to let them enjoy their special day.


Places to celebrate your kids birthday in NCR

Birthdays are important in almost all the cultures. It is the day when every new soul or new guest has enters in the physical world. Especially kids are crazier about their birthdays. They are always eager to know how you are going to celebrate their birthday. You are lucky if you put up in Delhi or NCR. The city has the number of places which act as a birthday party organisers in Delhi NCR.  Here I’m going to point out a few places where you can plan your kid’s birthday.

Water and Amusement Park

Delhi and NCR are full of water and amusement parks. These parks offer water and amusement rides for all age groups. Kids love to visit such parks. Kids like to enjoy water rides specifically designed for them. Such rides include Uphill water coaster, Bowl rides, Funnel rides etc. These rides are 100% safe and enjoyable for the kids. These parks also have in-house restaurants where you will enjoy a variety of meal. These parks are generally open from 10 am to 7 pm. So your kids will get enjoyment for the whole day.

Delhi Zoological Park

It is the best place if you have kids under the age group of 4 to 6 years. Kids love to see different species of birds, animals and mammals that they have seen in their books. The park opens from morning till evening 6 pm. Moreover it a government property so doesn’t put much burden on your pocket. The park has the facility of battery operated rides. Hence it will be convenient for you and your kids to see the complete park without getting tired. Outside zoological park there is a small artificial lake which provides boating rides.

Theme Park

This is again a full day activity park. Such park offers educational themes for kids like Chocolate factory where you kids their self-make chocolates. Aeronautical structures where kids become a pilot and know how aeroplane flies etc. The theme parks have many such activities like Doctors lab, banking services, Candy making machine etc.

Dinosaur Park

These parks have many big and small dinosaurs made up of silicon. Kids really enjoy seeing these moving creatures. You will also find many carousel rides here. Many in-house restaurants offer to organize your kids birthday.