There are several major tips to be kept in mind while planning birthdays for kids. Though you can plan birthdays on your own as well, however birthday party organizers in Delhi NCR can surely help you with it. Let us discuss the tips to be kept in mind in order to throw a successful party.

Plan a theme

Planning a special theme for your child’s birthday is quite essential as this would make the event exciting for the guests and other kids. There are several theme ideas available and party organizers can also help you with it in the best way possible. You can even come up with some creative ideas yourself.

Get the cake

You can bake a cake on your own or order for the beautiful cake from the bakery shop. Make sure that the cake is yummy and looks beautiful.

Plan the menu

Plan the menu and make sure you plan it according to the taste of the fellow kids attending the party. Try to avoid foods that they might be allergic to. Party organizers can refer some best caterers who might help you with the same. These caterers would work according to your recommendations and take your advice in mind.

Plan the venue

Planning avenue is pretty much essential. If you have a big house, you can definitely throw the party at home or select a hotel or a farmhouse for the extra thrill. Make sure it has a good ambiance and make the deposit well in advance so that your booking does not get canceled at the last moment. Phew. You don’t want it right?

Send the invitations

Make sure that you send the invitations well in advance so that you do not have to bother about it at the last moment. This way you can also make sure that the guests you have invited are actually coming over.

Arrange for entertainment

It is quite important to arrange for entertainment such as games, DJ or music to keep the guests engrossed. You can surely get your own creativity to work and arrange games o take help of professionals. This way you can make the party pretty memorable.

These tips are very much essential and hence do keep them in mind. Make sure that the party is a splendid one and you make all the children and their parents happy.


Why should you celebrate a birthday party for toddlers?

What are Benefits of Hiring the Perfect Event Management Company?

Event Management Company is one of the best planning organization that provide good service. Along with this they help in organizing for other events and family get together, anniversary, baby shower, Naamkaran and many more. If you want to make your event perfect then you should hire perfect event management company professionals.

Here some benefits are given below from the services of perfect event Management Companies in Delhi?

  1. Getting Experts:

If you are hiring professional event experts so you can chill, because they are well-organized, they complete their task with deadlines without blowing your budget. When you give them all your event information and handle them, then you can pay attention on your guest without stress.

  1. Time will be saving:

They are professionals so your time will be save as they suggest you various things for your event without wasting time by this you no need spend hours on Google.

  1. Trending:

All event management company is up-to-date with changing trends. They come up with unique and creative ideas for your event to make your event memorable. And these ideas you cannot find on internet.

  1. Management of your budget:

The main point of any event is budget and expenses. The management company experts are those who manage your budget in proper way without wasting your money. They calculated and divided the budget according to your need and things that you want.

  1. Customer Satisfaction:

They provide good service to their customers because they want customer satisfaction. No matter the event is going good, but, if your attendees are not feeling happy or they have any complaint, the event is a bust.

As advised you that if you don’t have any issue regarding your budget then you should go for event Management Company, for this you can found all things which are important to your event you can found it one place.

How to surprise your kid’s on his birthday

Birthday parties are always fun for both children and adults. Where adult does get together and children like the company of siblings and friends. The parent does plan to surprise their kids on their birthday. How fun it is to surprise your kids with something special on their special day. You will easily find a good birthday party organizer in Gurgaon. These organizers are expert at organizing birthday parties. You can opt for various party themes for your kids. For kids birthday parties means fun and excitement for the whole day.

birthday party organisers in delhi

Choose themes for Boy

If you have a boy kid you can choose themes like supermen, jungle safari, Batman, Spiderman etc. A good party organizer will suggest you more themes as per the choice of your kid’s favourite cartoon character, sports person or a Bollywood and Hollywood hero.  These organizers arrange all kind of fun and adventure activities for the joy and engagement of your kids and your guest. They will decorate the hall and garden according to the theme.

birthday party organisers in gurgaon

Choose themes for Girl

If you have a girl kid you can go for themes like Barbie doll, Princes or Alice in Wonderland. Organizing a party for kids includes food, beverages, chocolates, music and all entertainment activities. These party organizers know how to create an ambience to surprise your kids. The birthday boy and girl will be given special attention to make them feel like a prince or princess.

Customize party theme

You can also go for any customize party theme like a rainbow, under the sea etc.  Planning a party is not an easy job. It requires lots of time and efforts. The party organizers have an expert team of employees who arrange everything for you. Hence hiring a party organizer is a good idea to surprise your kids without disturbing your routine job.

The party organizer knows how to engage or involve everyone in fun activities. So your kids and guest will not feel bored during the function. You can ask your party organizer to arrange a DJ to let everyone dance with the beats. Both kids and adults love to dance on the floor. These organizers will arrange everything according to your choice and budget.

You just need to invite your guest and take your kids to surprise them with the ambience to let them enjoy their special day.


Places to celebrate your kids birthday in NCR

Birthdays are important in almost all the cultures. It is the day when every new soul or new guest has enters in the physical world. Especially kids are crazier about their birthdays. They are always eager to know how you are going to celebrate their birthday. You are lucky if you put up in Delhi or NCR. The city has the number of places which act as a birthday party organisers in Delhi NCR.  Here I’m going to point out a few places where you can plan your kid’s birthday.

Water and Amusement Park

Delhi and NCR are full of water and amusement parks. These parks offer water and amusement rides for all age groups. Kids love to visit such parks. Kids like to enjoy water rides specifically designed for them. Such rides include Uphill water coaster, Bowl rides, Funnel rides etc. These rides are 100% safe and enjoyable for the kids. These parks also have in-house restaurants where you will enjoy a variety of meal. These parks are generally open from 10 am to 7 pm. So your kids will get enjoyment for the whole day.

Delhi Zoological Park

It is the best place if you have kids under the age group of 4 to 6 years. Kids love to see different species of birds, animals and mammals that they have seen in their books. The park opens from morning till evening 6 pm. Moreover it a government property so doesn’t put much burden on your pocket. The park has the facility of battery operated rides. Hence it will be convenient for you and your kids to see the complete park without getting tired. Outside zoological park there is a small artificial lake which provides boating rides.

Theme Park

This is again a full day activity park. Such park offers educational themes for kids like Chocolate factory where you kids their self-make chocolates. Aeronautical structures where kids become a pilot and know how aeroplane flies etc. The theme parks have many such activities like Doctors lab, banking services, Candy making machine etc.

Dinosaur Park

These parks have many big and small dinosaurs made up of silicon. Kids really enjoy seeing these moving creatures. You will also find many carousel rides here. Many in-house restaurants offer to organize your kids birthday.

Trust Birthday Planner to plan your parent’s birthday party!

Your parents have done so much for you. They spent so much time and money to make your birthday memorable and never did anything on their, working so that you could have happy moments. Now it’s your turn to return the favor. Present your parents with the best birthday surprise for decades with birthday party organisers in delhi. We are the best birthday party planners in Delhi.

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We understand that comfort is a major concern for people at a senior age. That is why we go out of our way to design these parties. We choose a comfortable venue where everyone can be seated. The photography is done keeping in mind that all people are captured with finesse. The food is strictly as per the demand- vegetarian or if you need any special instructions we incorporate them right away. Our team is also available on the spot to seat your parents and their friends. They ensure they are taken care of all the time.

Our team members will talk to you to ensure that your requests are kept in mind. If you want sugar free food, we will make the required changes in catering. If you wish a quiet, somber and plain party, we will ensure you are happy with the decorations.  All of our Entertainment Specialists are experienced industry professionals that can help you develop entertainment briefs from concept through to delivery.If you’re creating a family event and looking for daytime or evening entertainment, then please contact our dedicated team who have created hundreds of events and entertainment experiences in the region. Our team will discuss your objectives and together we will create the unheard-of at your event.

We are specialist birthday organizing agency providing unique and exciting entertainment options both locally and internationally. We have since day one, worked with the objective of being the go-to birthday entertainment agency that produces unforgettable event experiences and provides expert advice and support.We are trusted by many and have delivered high-end private parties and events.

Our award-winning work always focuses on you and your needs, so you are in safe hands.We understand event planning and understand that our clients may not or do not want to worry about how everything will take place. When a client books international entertainment with us, they can take a seat back as we organize everything. Even to the point of having one of our Entertainment Experts attend to provide a hands-on service.


Summer is here and so are extraordinary Party Ideas for Kids

How to plan an inexpensive birthday party?

We all wait for our birthday. Children too eagerly wait for their birthdays. What fun it is to celebrate your kids’ birthday parties. You call your friends and relatives so that you can have fun. When you celebrate your kid’s birthday, it reminds you of those days when you were a kid. How simple and easy life was back then?

theme party planner in gurgaon gurugram, haryana

No pomp and show, no hassles in the parties. It was all in expensive and simple ways to celebrate. But today, when you speak about throwing a birthday party, you know it has to be big. A lot of pomp and show, a lot of things need to be organized. And that does require money. Birthdays today have become expensive. It takes a lot to organize any birthday.

theme party planner in gurgaon gurugram, haryana

Here are some tips and tricks to make your child’s birthday a happy one and something that will fit in your budget too.

  1. Budget friendly birthdays can be celebrated at your own place. This is one of the best ideas to celebrate and enjoy parties with kids.
  2. If you have a big open space outside your house, you can set up your place there for your kids and their friends to enjoy.
  3. If you want to make your child’s day a big one, you can hire birthday party organizers too. There are many birthday party organizers in Ghaziabad that can help you celebrate parties in your budget.
  4. Do not order snacks from any caterer. Prepare it yourself. Kids enjoy homemade snackibles.
  5. Arrange games for your child and their friends so that they can enjoy the most.
  6. Kids wait for this day just for goodies. There are various varieties of goodies available in the stores. Buy those that fall under your budget.

Whenever you plan a birthday party for your child, it is essential to keep in mind his age group and then decide the way party is going to be. Be it games, decorations or even food, everything should be in accordance with your child’s age. Try to make the bags for return gifts on your own. You can include simple goodies like color pencils, crayons, candies and little teddies.

There are many more ways to celebrate these parties that can be fun-filled and exciting. You can also call the parents and engage them in games so that your children can make the most of their day.

Creative Ideas for Planning an Adult Birthday Party

Planning an adult birthday party? Since we are the generation for which technology has become fully integrated into daily life, it only makes sense to incorporate plenty of cutting edge acts to ensure that we are never left without stimulation. Ensure that every aspect of the birthday event: from the decoration and catering to the performers and activities are original and on trend to make certain that you keep us engaged throughout the party. Don’t be afraid to challenge what we might expect to find at an edgy birthday event – there is nothing wrong with returning to more traditional entertainment options rather than becoming clichéd with notions of “cool” acts that are going to impress us.

birthday party organisers in delhi

Food-Long gone are the days when finger sandwiches and cheese on sticks could cut the mustard with 20 somethings at a birthday party. These days, we are as obsessed with Instagram-ming our food as we are with eating it, so it is important for food and drinks to offer visual impact and an overall concept that brings each element together. We recommend Combining Traditional Indian recipes with fine dining styles, this modern concept kitchen creates beautiful dishes with a creative touch.

Spectacular Show – Any good corporate function needs a show to finish the night in style. Though party bands are always a crowd pleasing addition to any occasion, your young friends are going to be looking for something a bit special to make them take notice of your event. Using cutting edge technology to create a breath-taking performance.

Consistency-There is no secret to planning the perfect party for guests in their 20s but continuity is key. If you decide to go for a themed event, make sure that you really stick to it – decorating your venue to fit. Don’t go for an overused theme but instead opt for something a little less obvious that also allows guests to dress up and look nice (we are in our 20s so we still care about looking good). Lighting is also integral for creating a contemporary feel at your event. Try and go for clean, uncluttered lighting styles that will complement the rest of your venue design.

Contact Birthday on Call, best Birthday party organisers in Delhi, for expertise regarding your event. We will make it memorable for you at the best prices!


Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Children’s Birthday Party Planners that are a must for your kid’s celebration

If you’re organising a kid’s party and are looking for the right children’s party entertainer for it, then look no further. Our experienced performers are guaranteed to make any family event an occasion to be remembered with on stage presence and talent. Our charismatic children’s party entertainers quickly win young audiences over with their friendly personality. Their sense of humour will get both kids and adults giggling and sharing meaningful moments together.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Our performer’s shows can be themed for your specific event, which makes them suitable for Christmas parties, Halloween celebrations and many other themed occasions. He offers both children’s stage shows and roaming performances. Both options are fully interactive as our entertainer constantly requires help to carry out most of their tricks and acts. A regular face in children’s hospitals and other public events, our entertainers and balloon modelling artists have also participated in numerous multicultural festivals.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

They are truly an all-in-one children’s party entertainer, withtheir versatile performers including a balloon modelling artist and can also offer a diverse range of children’s stage shows that include plate spinning acts, magic and high doses of humour! Their live puppet shows are a very popular option among the littlest ones. Ideal children’s party entertainer for the whole family, our expert balloon modelling artist is especially suitable for birthday parties, schools, nurseries, christenings, summer festivals, family days and many more! Whatever the occasion, their performances are always the highlight of any celebration.

Our magician’s years of experience, terrific understanding of children, mixed with their unique sense of fun makes them one of the most outstanding children’s entertainers in the South West.  Their fantastic Fun Filled Magic Shows, Stress Free Children’s Parties and Amazing Balloon Modelling skills have bought lots of magical joy to 1000’s of children and adults.

Whatever your event we offer fantastic magical entertainment packages that are perfect for every occasion.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Children’s Birthday Party, a Fete, Fair, Holiday Camp or Open Day, if you book our Children’s entertainer to perform at your event it’s guaranteed to be a huge success. Call us today if you are looking for birthday party organisers in delhi ncr .

We have entertained children for many companies and organisations over the years including many high end clients. We know exactly what to do in every circumstance.

Contact us today if you’re interested in booking their fantastic and versatile Children’s Entertainer in Delhi. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to provide further details on the different children’s stage shows our performer offers and assist you in the booking process. Birthday on Call has a history of satisfied clients and repeat customers and we wish you would join the list as well!

event management company in delhi

A new chapter in event management: Allure Events & Weddings goes global

Event management has risen to a new level in recent time. It has acquired a professional taste- a scenario where the customer is king. Allure Events & Weddings is leading the way with innovation and creativity in what they emphasize and pay attention to. This can clearly be seen in how they organize and go about their events.

Professionalism and customer satisfaction are the buzzwords for this company. Over a span of more than 10 years, the company has proven time and again that quality must and always comes first.  Events such as weddings, stage shows, music festivals, engagements, concerts and even birthday parties have been systematically and competently organized by Allure Events & Weddings.

The firm has led the way in many other aspects as well. Over a period of time, the company has forayed into destination weddings and shows in foreign soil as well. This has allowed it to reach a varied and niche clientele, much to the delight of its customers. Such is the presence and exuberance of the company that most of its clients are repeat customers including foreign nationals.

If you are planning an event in Delhi NCR, Allure Events & Weddings is your best bet for memorable party. From the decoration to the entertainment these guys handle it all with perfection. A complete event management company , it believes in reflecting the individual client needs and tastes in every event. That is the reason that every event of theirs is different yet up there with the best. With them, you don’t just incorporate work, you invest in a relationship which will last for years to come.

The company has handled every crisis in event management effectively and efficiently. Last minute change to plans? They know what to do. Bride has a special request? Wedding Party is late? Guests need more accommodation? Stage needs a makeover? Flowers of a different type? With Allure Events & Weddings, you can just sit back and relax and let them do it for you.

With events becoming larger and larger and crowds becoming bigger and bigger, you need a specialist and there are only some who can handle it well. Allure Events & Weddings is the name you can rely on. Looking for event management companies in Delhi has never been this easy! Call us now.