Birthday themes for baby girl

Celebrating the day when a little angel came to your home every year is a pleasure more to you than it is to her. You can use the themes simply to make them awesome and memorable. This also adds on to the happiness of your little angel.

Having a theme to a party also makes it easier for you to think about the decorations. Having a theme to a party is a good thing but choosing the right theme to get a successful party is a very crucial job. Below are some themes that you can try to make you angel’s day special.

    • Princess theme- what better than making your princess feels like a princess by using Princess Theme? Dress your angel like a princess. Pink and white colours are the most famous colours of this arrangement. The invitations can be written not in a way of request but as an order from the little princess. To give an authentic look to your invitation, you can use yellow paper and then burn its edges and also use a tea bag to make it a little darker. Do not forget to decorate your princess with a nice, sweet tiara.

    • Frozen theme- with the popularity of frozen movie among the kids this idea cannot get a flop response. Dress the birthday girl exactly in the blue dress of the princess of the movie. You also will have to get a special cake arranged that has the frosting of the frozen princess on top of it. In Frozen theme, the decorations can be done by taking the inspiration from the movie itself. The favour bags might also be made simple but attractive, for example a simple snow man’s smile on the bag is sufficient to do the magic.

    • Crafted theme- the basic need off the theme is to do things yourself. An abstract decoration is the life of the party. The games of this party can be made to be really interesting. The games can include children dumping their creativity and making something really amazing with pieces of paper. Crafted theme needs a lot of imaginative power on your part. This completely depends on you as to how much will the party be remembered. Put in your best efforts and make the day special for your angel.

    • Little birdie- a cute birthday Little birdie for a cute girl seems to be a good idea. This again is a sure way of getting a hit party as there are already many people who like little birdie. You can do magic with the cake and the decorations. Fill the walls with small cut outs of birds and get a special cake to suit the theme. The amazing thing about the theme is that it is one of the simplest theme yet it casts a spell on your guests, be it a child or an adult.

    • Underwater theme- underwater world is known to be having a charm of its own. Your princess will definitely like the trip down the water on her special day. As far as the cake is considered you do not have a lot to do. But the decoration and lighting definitely will give you some work to do. Here the choice is yours, whether you want the decoration to be cartoonish or a little realistic. Both of the options will have their charm. The invitations will also be needed to print in blue paper and well decorated to give the right feel. SO, choose Underwater theme for birthday party.

    A girl child is already a boon from the side of God. The best thing about kids is that they do not want big things to be done for them. This remains happy in small things and a themed birthday party is one of them. A good theme if well planned will definitely plant a smile on your little angel’s face.


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Birthday themes for baby boy

Birthday of that little, naughty devil is probably one of the most special days of the year for you. You plan the birthday’s celebrations to make it special for him. One of the things that are nowadays in trend and are actually appealing to kids is to have a theme in the party.

A theme party actually makes it lot more systematic. The decoration of the party also becomes easy. If you choose a good theme, it will also set the mood of the party as soon as it starts. Out of all things this makes the day memorable for you.

Littlemen theme birthday party

Celebrating birthday in little man theme will definitely make it special for your little man. In this theme there is a unique spin in invitations, decoration and table ware. Everything in Littlemen theme birthday party theme has a whimsical black moustache on grey, lime green or light blue background. The biggest plus point behind this theme is that many of the things can be made at home, which will indeed make it even more special. This is a perfect way to show your little man how he will look in his gentleman appearance.

Minion theme birthday party

With the great fan following of the minions, using them as a theme for your party is as trendy as ever. Let the Minion theme birthday party help you to make the day special for you. For the cake time decorate the table with minion’s napkins, plates and table cloth. You can give your cute, little devil a minion t—shirt on his big day. Rest, you can keep Minion wearable for everyone in the party so that everyone can get Minion. Games, favour buckets all can be designed in the minion theme to make it successful theme.

Jungle theme birthday party

By name, Jungle theme birthday party might sound a little daunting but with a little effort you can get a perfect party set up like a perfectionist. The first thing that needs a little management is to plan how the invitations are to be managed. Banana print or even a little mysterious footprint might also do the job here. For the decorations, you can stick green leaves added with stuffed animals on the wall.  For the games you can play the pin the monkey’s tail. You can use fake coconuts and plastic animals and arrange for a bowling game too.

Royal Prince Theme birthday party

The prince of your house needs to have the feeling. A well planned prince themed birthday party gives the feeling of being royal to your little boy. The basic thing of Royal Prince Theme birthday party is to give preference to royal blue and golden colour while decorating. From the balloons to the favour buckets. Crown is another thing that is needed to be taken care of. Invitations can be designed in a way that resembles the old invitations to party. Finally, just dress your prince like a real prince and you are good to go..

Nautical theme birthday party


What will be a better option than giving a birthday party of Nautical theme birthday party to your little sailor of dreams? The basic ingredients of the decoration are blue, red and white colour and also the anchor. The invitations can be printed on light blue paper and can be decorated with small anchors. Even the entire cutlery set can be set so that it gives a feel of being on sea. The sandwiches can be given a look of a boat with the extended mast made of a cheese slice. Your creativity is needed to take a hike here so that the themed celebration can be as special as possible.

Birthday party themes not only make them trendy and more enjoyable for the guests, but also present the host in a more creative way. The guests get a little change from the regular parties. Your little devil also gets to enjoy the day to maximum which is the ultimate goal.



Being an avid Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi, I love to seize every opportunity to throw a party and my kids birthdays are no exception. One of my client oldest daughter had just turned 6 and we’d been scheming to have a unicorn ice cream birthday party for her since last year.

Unicorn Theme Party
Unicorn Theme Party


On the morning of one of my client’s daughter’s birthday, she ran down stairs and oohed and aahed over the party decorations. The looks of kids faces was priceless and so worth all the time I put into the planning. Mostly, I like to keep my parties simple yet elegant. Creating a unique party theme and picking out the perfect color scheme are important parts of the planning process.

Birthday Party

Our love for beauty & simplicity and passion to find this even in little ordinary things is what drives us 🙂
This is how we made our sweet lil Arrshita’s 10th birthday special with pretty decor in shades of pink and mint with a vinatge ‘birdie’ twist!! We believe in everything pretty and creating & capturing moments where such beauty exists. Make a wish and we a Party Sharty will help you make it come true.
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Birthday party organiser in Indirapuram, Delhi

Welcome to Party Sharty .A leading Birthday party planning company in Delhi .The one-stop destination for all your Events,

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Our Birthday party planning services

  • Balloon decoration
  • Bouncy(mini,slide,big,castle)
  • Magic show
  • Ballpool
  • popcorn machine
  • candy floss machine,
  • Cartoon character(chhota bheme/doremon/donaldduck/spiderman/ben10 etc)
  • Mini beautiparlour
  • Tattoo maker
  • Balloon shooting game
  • Feed the joker game
  • Hoopla
  • Modern puppet show
  • Rajesthani puppet show
  • kids train
  • Sketch artist
  • Nail art
  • Theme party
  • Long man
  • Hair beading
  • Charlie chaplin
  • Game coordinator
  • juggler
  • Fire man
  • Tarrot card reader
  • parrot card reader
  • Kids zone-fencing/car/sea saw etc.
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1st birthday party

When it comes to Birthday Party Planner in Delhi, the ideas are limitless. Keeping the person in mind that the party is being thrown in honour of, you can come up with unique and exciting ideas that will ensure that everyone invited will have a great time while making memories to be enjoyed for years to come.

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Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday, make sure the birthday themes that you choose are something that fits with the person’s style and likes. Whether the person is young or young at heart, let them know how much you care for and appreciate them by giving them a party in which careful thought and detail has been given to every part of the experience.

Are you still struggling for the perfect party ideas, this birthday blog has great ideas for any ages along with suggestions for decorations, games and helpful tips that you can use when planning your next party. Find an idea and run with it. Make your party unique and special incorporating the theme into every aspect including decorations, games, party favors and invitations.

Party Sharty – Top Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

What is a theme party?
A theme party starts with a theme based invitation and ends with a gift bag, which is a memory that your guests go home again. We know Untumble strive to achieve a healthy experience to a theme party by building a complete theme pack from invitations to a gift bag. Below are the areas that our offer .

Venue layout
Welcome banner
Wall stickers
Danglers, streamers and balloons
Stage décor
Party Tools for kids
table decoration
table Covers
The food area decor
Food labels
Cup cake toppers
Cup cake stand
straw toppers
Cups, plates, spoons, forks, tissue, etc
Packaging for the favors / return gifts
Stickers and chocolate wrappers
Gift bags and gift wrapping
Thank you cards


Themes are picked not only for birthdays but also for baby showers, engagements, weddings, retirements, bachelor and just any other occasion.

Theme party supplies
Do we organize and set up theme parties as a service?
Yes! Party Sharty services include managing all your theme party, which means that we can take care of your venue, food, decor and entertainment. Since 2008, we have organized more than 300 events and has specialized in handling the theme birthdays. Our event services are only available in and around Coimbatore. We cover the Coimbatore region, which includes Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Salem, Tirpur, Ooty, Pollachi and Madurai. We also have several entertainment options.

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How to Do Party Decorations with the help of party planners

Kids’ party organizers hired not just to make your job easy, but also to get expert advice and a special touch to an event. The procedure planning of parties is very strenuous and it misses often something happens that our notice. Organizing birthdays in cities like Delhi is so much more hectic as most people here Been to large parties and it is not easy to please them. There is also a need to throw good parties to maintain this status in your community. Hiring us as organizers birthday party allows you to sit back and relax as we will take full responsibility for your event and make it a grand success. As organizers party, we did not leave any aspect untouched. However, our reputation for delivering birthday party ideas spread far and wide. We deliver customized party solutions and suggestions for each of our customers and our esta comes from understanding of what each client is looking for. The 7 + years of experience our team members who carry with them is what has made us the leading Among children party planners in the esta area. THEREFORE, we are reliable to handle everything that goes into a party and not leave any room for complaints.

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As Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Haryana, Roorke, Kashipur, Meerut, Moradabad, Rishikesh, Rohtak, Jind, Sonipath, Panipath, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Rajasthan, Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Faizabad Patna, Rachi, Muzaffarpur, Kota, Uttrakhand, Hisar, Greater Noida, Nainital, Raipur, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Indore, Agra, Vaishali, Vasundhra, Indirapuram we can suggest some of the most unique birthday party decorations. So, be it a theme party or a general, we will be able to suggest something to suit both your pocket and appeal to your aesthetic. If you are wondering whether we are able to create separate decors for boys and girls, then yes, we can. Our birthday party ideas for girls is different from the birthday party ideas for boys, but we can also put together a general layout and arrangement, if that’s what you seek. Our team will have a meeting with you to understand what exactly you are looking for and then come up with their suggestions and ideas. Work will start when you approve our plans.

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Themed birthday parties for children are also becoming very popular these days and we can also generate some great birthday party themes for your little one. Do not stay under the impression that you need a big budget to organize a theme party – we can work on the costs and see what how we can fit a plan within a budget and even suggest ways to reduce costs. If price is no bar to you, then we can also suggest how you can make the most of your budget and avoid making unnecessary expenses.

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Birthday themes are successful when done well and it is something that we make to the core. Working with us is also fun, because we have access to some really good party supplies Delhi. Nothing beats some unique and bright viewfinder decorative elements on a child’s birthday party, and we can assure you about the quality of these products. When it comes to anything related to kids party planning, you can give us a call at: + 075035 05019 !

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1st Birthday Party Ideas-

The 1st birthday party ideas found here will provide all the inspiration needed to commemorate a whole year of firsts.  It is like a ribbon cutting ceremony for all the great birthdays to come.  At this age, the little ones do not need a lot of activities, so make the atmosphere as simple and calm as possible.  The parents will certainly appreciate that idea.  Keep in mind user friendliness and safety, too.  A good Hostess meets all the needs of the guests no matter how small the guest happens to be.

 Planning is the key to giving one-year-olds the food they enjoy, the people they love, and the pleasure of making a mess.  The theme makes it easy to provide a focal point for everything from the invitations to the favors.  Where do I begin?  Just begin with the best birthday party organiser in delhi.

Celebrate 1st Boy Birthday!

birthday party planner

Take baby steps.
Think through what you would like to do, so that you are not scrambling at the last minute. Just follow your bliss and focus on your strengths.

True blue.
While baby blue is still the most popular color for boys, the trend is to blend colors and textures to create a unique look that still feels unified.

Think small.
Most 1st birthday parties are more intimate, so stick to close friends and family.
Take pictures.
Your little boy won’t remember the party, but you will have your memories.

Celebrate 1st Girl Birthday!

best birthday planner

Think pink.
The official color for girls is pink, so why not start your little princess off right.  Enhance decorations with pink lace and frills from the greeting to the take home party favors.

Toddler treats.
It is important to match the snacks to the likes of a one-year-old.  Make sure your food options are safe and satisfying for little appetites.
Girly games.
Choose age appropriate games that require very little in the way of participation.  This age group is happiest sitting in a parents lap watching a puppet show or playing independently in a child safe area.