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Children’s Birthday Party Planners that are a must for your kid’s celebration

If you’re organising a kid’s party and are looking for the right children’s party entertainer for it, then look no further. Our experienced performers are guaranteed to make any family event an occasion to be remembered with on stage presence and talent. Our charismatic children’s party entertainers quickly win young audiences over with their friendly personality. Their sense of humour will get both kids and adults giggling and sharing meaningful moments together.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Our performer’s shows can be themed for your specific event, which makes them suitable for Christmas parties, Halloween celebrations and many other themed occasions. He offers both children’s stage shows and roaming performances. Both options are fully interactive as our entertainer constantly requires help to carry out most of their tricks and acts. A regular face in children’s hospitals and other public events, our entertainers and balloon modelling artists have also participated in numerous multicultural festivals.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

They are truly an all-in-one children’s party entertainer, withtheir versatile performers including a balloon modelling artist and can also offer a diverse range of children’s stage shows that include plate spinning acts, magic and high doses of humour! Their live puppet shows are a very popular option among the littlest ones. Ideal children’s party entertainer for the whole family, our expert balloon modelling artist is especially suitable for birthday parties, schools, nurseries, christenings, summer festivals, family days and many more! Whatever the occasion, their performances are always the highlight of any celebration.

Our magician’s years of experience, terrific understanding of children, mixed with their unique sense of fun makes them one of the most outstanding children’s entertainers in the South West.  Their fantastic Fun Filled Magic Shows, Stress Free Children’s Parties and Amazing Balloon Modelling skills have bought lots of magical joy to 1000’s of children and adults.

Whatever your event we offer fantastic magical entertainment packages that are perfect for every occasion.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Children’s Birthday Party, a Fete, Fair, Holiday Camp or Open Day, if you book our Children’s entertainer to perform at your event it’s guaranteed to be a huge success. Call us today if you are looking for birthday party organisers in delhi ncr .

We have entertained children for many companies and organisations over the years including many high end clients. We know exactly what to do in every circumstance.

Contact us today if you’re interested in booking their fantastic and versatile Children’s Entertainer in Delhi. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to provide further details on the different children’s stage shows our performer offers and assist you in the booking process. Birthday on Call has a history of satisfied clients and repeat customers and we wish you would join the list as well!

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A new chapter in event management: Allure Events & Weddings goes global

Event management has risen to a new level in recent time. It has acquired a professional taste- a scenario where the customer is king. Allure Events & Weddings is leading the way with innovation and creativity in what they emphasize and pay attention to. This can clearly be seen in how they organize and go about their events.

Professionalism and customer satisfaction are the buzzwords for this company. Over a span of more than 10 years, the company has proven time and again that quality must and always comes first.  Events such as weddings, stage shows, music festivals, engagements, concerts and even birthday parties have been systematically and competently organized by Allure Events & Weddings.

The firm has led the way in many other aspects as well. Over a period of time, the company has forayed into destination weddings and shows in foreign soil as well. This has allowed it to reach a varied and niche clientele, much to the delight of its customers. Such is the presence and exuberance of the company that most of its clients are repeat customers including foreign nationals.

If you are planning an event in Delhi NCR, Allure Events & Weddings is your best bet for memorable party. From the decoration to the entertainment these guys handle it all with perfection. A complete event management company , it believes in reflecting the individual client needs and tastes in every event. That is the reason that every event of theirs is different yet up there with the best. With them, you don’t just incorporate work, you invest in a relationship which will last for years to come.

The company has handled every crisis in event management effectively and efficiently. Last minute change to plans? They know what to do. Bride has a special request? Wedding Party is late? Guests need more accommodation? Stage needs a makeover? Flowers of a different type? With Allure Events & Weddings, you can just sit back and relax and let them do it for you.

With events becoming larger and larger and crowds becoming bigger and bigger, you need a specialist and there are only some who can handle it well. Allure Events & Weddings is the name you can rely on. Looking for event management companies in Delhi has never been this easy! Call us now.

birthday party organisers in delhi

Plan a birthday party for a friend

The birthday party is a crazy and fun thing to do for youngsters.  To plan a birthday party for your best friend is the craziest idea. Everyone love surprises, it can be the best birthday gift. There are many ways to plan a party if you are living in a metro city like Gurgaon. Either you can take the help of birthday party organizers in Gurgaon or plan the party on your own.

birthday party organisers in delhi

 In three ways you can organize a party

Small gathering at your house

birthday party organisers in delhi

 To give surprise to your friend, you need to plan a birthday party in 4 weeks in advance. First, decide the number of guests whether it is going to a grand party or casual party with closed ones. Decide the theme like vintage, superhero or pool party. We suggest you select a party date on a birthday or on a weekend.  You can prepare e-invitations and send them to desired guest list in one week in advance. Purchase food and decorations. If you are not sure about the preparation, hire an event manager.

birthday party organisers in delhi

Grand birthday party

To plan a big birthday party please take the help of professional company as it needs lots of preparation. If you are organizing than plan the event at least 2 months in advance. The first thing is to fix the budget and collect the contribution in advance before planning anything. For the grand birthday party, you need to pre-book the venue 1 month in advance. Prepare the checklist with the estimate like the guest list, invitations, decorations, cake, games and activities, photographer, return gifts, booking a DJ etc.  You can allocate each task to other friends to reduce the burden. Plan the menu as per the taste and preference of guest and a birthday person.

Few Tips

  • Organize interesting games and activities which engage the guest throughout the party.
  • Prepare a surprise speech for your friend with some emotional and funny stories with your friend.
  • Plan a party in advance and inform the entire guest that it is going to be a surprise.
  • Take help from relatives, friends or hire event management company.
  • Make sure your friend have fun and love your surprise.

Planning a surprise birthday party for your best friend is going to be fun. You and your friends will remember the day for the lifetime.


Creative Ways to Celebrate Birthdays with No Money

5 Tips to Help You Plan a Stress-Free Wedding

‘Planning my wedding was really easy and stress-free!’ – said no bride ever. Every bride dreams of having the perfect big fat Indian wedding where everything from the wedding venue and outfit to the food and entertainment has to be just right! While it’s a lot of fun to plan a dreamy wedding, the execution of it all can take a heavy toll on you. At some point or the other, you will most likely come to your wit’s end with all the decision making and coordinating between vendors which can add a lot of stress which no bride wants! But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are 5tips to help you deal with the additional stress that comes with planning the wedding and helps ease the entire process:

  1. Hire a Wedding Planner

While you can choose to handle all the vendors, food tastings, designer trials and the various other appointments yourself, it is best to hire a wedding planner who can take care of all the scheduling, so you are free to concentrate on the more important stuff. Even if you are halfway through the planning process, it’s never too late to enlist the help of a professional wedding planner to help take away the stress that comes with planning and organizing the various ceremonies.

  1. Choose the Right Vendors

You must take the time out to properly review each vendor you are working with during the wedding and do your research in terms of reviews from other couples with respect to the services provided by the said vendor. It is really important to have the right type of vendors, who are well-experienced, professional and committed to providing you and your guests with the best possible experience. Pro Tip – If you are hiring a wedding planner, ask them for their list of preferred vendors. This way your planner will be working with known vendors which assures quality and who knows, they might be able to give you a discount on the whole package.

  1. Set Time Asidefor Yourself

Once you have your wedding planner and vendor team in place, half the battle against stress is won! Now you need to focus on your personal preparation for the wedding. Most brides enjoy joining the gym as a way of dealing with stress while helping them get into shape right before the wedding and in order to prepare themselves for the all the extra calories they will be eating during and after the wedding. You can choose to perform your favourite workout, take up a new hobby or even meditate to help ease off the stress!

  1. Talk About It

Sometimes no amount of planning and organizing can avoid certain gaffes here and there. In such cases, venting to a family member or your best friend is the only way around it. So, whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or extremely stressed about something, it is best to talk it out and let it all out with your sister/best friend. All you need is a shopping + brunch day at Promenade with your favourite girls to get things back on track, or maybe Hauz Khas village, whatever suits your tastes better! And remind yourself, it’s okay to be a little jittery before the wedding!

  1. Financial Backup

Many-a-times, no amount of planning and budgeting can account for the miscellaneous expenses and last-minute purchases that happen. If you are planning a wedding on a well thought out budget, you must leave room for unforeseen expenses. In case of larger expenses, there are a variety of options with respect to providing emergency personal loans in Delhi. These personal loans typically have a lesser approval time and easier repayment options! With such flexible repayment options, it is also worth considering a personal line of credit when planning your honeymoon, so you don’t have to compromise on anything, be it your wedding festivities or your honeymoon!

Finally, every time things get really stressful, take a moment to sit down and remind yourself about the reason you are planning this wedding – your soulmate. Remember you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and how you want to share this with all your closest friends and family. Keep the bigger picture in mind to help you navigate through the wedding planning processes with a smile!


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Importance of 1st birthday party

Your toddler’s first birthday is as important just like the birth of your first baby. You feel excited and elated and go head over heels for the preparations. It is not only the first year birthday; it rather marks the existence of all the memories of your child spent with you the whole year. Though you feel the same all the years but the first is always the first.

birthday party organisers in delhi

First birthday is an important one because you have seen your baby grow during that entire period. From the time of giving birth to a little spec that was just the size of your palm to a full grown child who probably weighs thrice more that what he/she was at the time of his/her birth; you have witnessed it all. These are simply your emotions that you want to express for your child. Birthdays come very year but every year does not seem to be the same like the first one. It is close to your heart also because the child comes to know you as her/his parent, which she/he is not aware at the time of birth. You try to tell your toddler about the relations the entire year as they grow.

birthday party organisers in delhi

Also your child is able to recognize you as his/her parent, so you want to witness every single moment that you have spent the entire year. There are different ways that you can celebrate your child’s very first birthday with the help of Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi.

  • Try to arrange an educational themed birthday party for your one year old toddler. It is at this age that your child relate to the colours and numbers.

birthday party organisers in delhi

  • Create a colouful theme that would attract the kids.
  • Try to create fairy theme birthday party if it is a girl child. Girl kids love fairytales and their characters.
  • If you have a big space outside your house, you can arrange for jumpers and bouncers for kids. These are totally loved by kids.

birthday party organisers in delhi

  • Try to hire a professional photographer instead of doing the photography yourself. Create an album for this special occasion. These moments are precious and capture them in a beautiful frame.

Always try to involve yourself in the activities with the kids so that they too feel that you are there to enjoy with them.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas For a Special Celebration

Birthday is that one special day that everyone wants to really enjoy and make it memorable. This is also the time when you want to show your kids, your parents, your friends or your siblings how much you care about them by throwing a unique party. There is no shortage of birthday party ideas online but the key is to have the resources and the support to implement the birthday ideas. Here are some excellent birthday party themes thatwill ensure that the party and the day are remembered by everyone for a long time.

Fantasy world themes
If it is your younger brother, younger sister or your kid celebrating his or her birthday, it is time for you to pull on the cape and swirl your magical wand to conjure that magical world of fantasy which kids love to lose themselves in. When you are thinking about birthday party ideas, you can always create the magical and mesmerising world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts or have a superhero theme where every little one dresses up as his favourite superhero, whether that is batman, spider-man or superman himself.

Fantasy world birthday party themes will also need you to decorate accordingly. For example, in the Harry Potter world, you would have the elders dressed like professors in robes and some of the kids dressed like magical creatures too. Soups would look like potions and soft drinks could be offered in hip flasks. The invitations too would have to speak of the same language e.g. one would want to call the email as an Owl, the message bearer in the Harry Potter world.

Jungle party or ice world party
Natural birthday party themes are good for all age groups. These birthday ideas could include loads of fun. In fact, it isn’t a bad idea to hold the party outdoors, probably while camping in the woods somewhere. Make sure you have the permissions, but cutting the cake near a bonfire and then enjoying a barbecue would be amazing. You could also decorate the house with green trees, small and big if possible, cardboard paintings of wild animals and also have a jungle theme score playing in the background.

Birthday party ideas do not necessarily have to be traditional. You can introduce games so that everyone involved would have great fun. The treasure hunt could be played alongside pirate theme or if you want something more outdoor you can go for go-karting, bowling or a host of other electronic games that can be organised for kids and teenagers. In fact, you can have a grand prize for a strategy video game for all the guests.

Special treatment
You can think about unique birthday gift ideas like giving the birthday boy or girl a complete makeover or a thorough pampering with spa treatments. If your friend or sibling likes someone, you can always ask them to join your party, making the one celebrating the birthday feel even more special and cared for.

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Essential Checklist You Have To Keep In Mind While Making Arrangements For A Birthday Party

Celebrating the birthday of your loved ones is not a walk in the park. There is so much of expectation and love associated with this event. To meet up with the level of expectation is no fun. It calls for some real hard work and a significant quantity of creativity as well. Before you throw a colossal party you would have to make it sure that things are in place. The decoration part should be spick and span. The doorways, the tables and the floors should be astoundingly decorated. The color of the room or the tent (where you propose to celebrate the birthday) needs to be taken into serious consideration. There are so many things to be recollected.

Best Birthday Organizing Company Delhi

Security aspects

In the midst of all the fun as well as frolic you must not forget one thing. Along with making arrangements of proper fun and exhilaration for the guests you would be required to look after the security aspects very intently. If you have hired a pro birthday organizer then ask the service provider to make necessary arrangements which will ensure the safety and security of your guests. You need to check out the fire safety arrangements proper to organizing the party in a tent or in any rented property.

Taking care of the logistics with certain level of efficacy

You need to have all the logistics related details at your disposal. these details are going to come handy before the event sets in motion. Do not flout the importance of the logistical aspects at all. You need to know that these logistical aspects are actually related (almost integrally) with the chances of success of the birthday bash that you propose to celebrate. Organize all the important and specific details in such a fashion that you can grab hold of them anytime you want. In most cases people tend to make mistakes with the decorative aspects. At times they do some mistakes with the list of invitees. So these areas should be in your focus. You need to specifically check the invitations. You have to ensure that you have sent them personally to the invitees.

The checklist that you came to explore is an essential component in each birthday party. To make sure that your party is not devoid of the required amount of fun and excitement you need to keep the abovementioned tips and suggestions registered in your mind. Take care of the refreshment part pretty well and with no scope of mistakes.

Prakash Sharma is one of the leading expert of Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi who has put his experience organizing successful kids birthday parties

Top 5 themes for the perfect birthday party

We believe in magic, fun, birthday and celebration. Birthday is a chance to create those magical moments for your little ones! Well, it’s your little one’s birthday and you wondering how to go different this year. We all know that growing up has always been one of the most exciting phases of life and to add a little spice and new spirit to the coming years ahead, theme-birthday party ideas work the best. A little long process but worth the effort.

Now to make it simpler for all the moms and dads out there, we have listed our top five themes for the birthday party celebrations. 


This one is our favourite and of every birthday party planner. Because we got loads to do to create that perfect superhero hideout.

Birthday party organiser Delhi

From super cute superhero invites, 3D movie screening, super foods, themed-cocktails, comic page cones, balloon garlands, DIY buntings, masks, face paints, photo booth, we got loads on our hands. Jot down all the little corners of your house that can add some fun-filled actions to the party because superheroes never sit idle. 

Candy land

Remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? The tour to the factory in which rooms are made entirely of candies with a chocolate river and little people called Oompa-Loompas who run the factory?

Believe us! As an adult also, you won’t be able to resist yourself going for this birthday party celebration. From Peanut Brittle House, Lollipop Woods, Gingerbread Plum Trees, Peppermint Forest and Gumdrop Mountains to games and food, this theme have everything to relive your childhood memories while you create the new ones for your Kiddies. Have already started planning? Did we forget to mention candy apples, candy necklaces, rainbow crackers, cotton candy, or rainbow cake? 

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Are you one of those Alice in Wonderland fan? Your geeky magical kid loves the White Rabbit and the dormouse? Are you planning Mad Hatter’s theme party in your lawn for the birthday celebrations of your kid? Then, get ready to create the wonderland. Mismatched tea cups, colourful patio umbrellas paper lanterns, plush dormouse, sign boards, playing cards and everything you could imagine related to Alice in Wonderland. Imagine TweedleDee & TweedleDum Races, finding the cat, card games, and paintings with such a colourful theme. Fill the party with riddles and fun-filled activities. Try give them each a copy of the book as a return gift. Go ahead then. For this one, you will need proper planning, its execution – in short, a well organised birthday party planner. 

Pool Party

Don’t we all just love pools? The madness and the gala time promised at the pool has its own charm.

Creating the best and new out of something that has always been a part of the party life of people is the new challenge. Having a pool party for your kid is the best thing you could do. And in turn, we are sure that by the end of it, you will be rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed. This is the time when you would not want to be tied up with the hassles of any preparation. 


In this fast paced life, we all need a jungle retreat. Is your kid nature lover?

Birthday party organiser Delhi

Then jungle is the perfect theme that you are looking forward to this birthday celebration of your kiddie. Animal costumes, amazing fresh food, cocktails and fresh air filled with positivity is surely going to make this celebration a memorable one.

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The first question that comes to your mind when you are about to throw a birthday party is: WHERE. Planning a rather small and intimate birthday party at your house or backyard would not require you to worry about the venue. But, if this is your kid’s 1st birthday or your father’s 50th, you must be making a list of a good number of guests.  With so many guests to accommodate, a suitable venue is of utmost priority. Well of course, when you are calling your guests to some other location, it will be the talk of the town. Thus, you have to choose your venue wisely.

birthday party organisers

Let us have a deeper look at some of the knacks of picking an appropriate venue for your birthday party.

birthday party organisers

  1. How far is it?

A venue should not be too far from your locality or your town wherever you have decided to throw a party. Calculate the amount of time it would take you to reach there. Besides if you are carrying some things or props of your own, you should reach the venue in advance. Even if your birthday is a local event still you should look out the benefits of booking a banquet hall. But, if your guests are coming from outstation, then a known place would do the trick. Also, consider transportation and traffic of the area where your venue is located. If you are providing invitations to your guests, then laying out the map of the venue would also be helpful.

  1. How much space does it have?

Do not choose just on the basis of its backdrop, although it is equally necessary. But, talking about the matter at hand, your venue should have ample space so that you can accommodate a 100 guests under one roof.

If this is some outdoor party, then you need not worry about the seating arrangement. But, for an autumn or winter birthday, when the weather is pretty chilly, an indoor birthday party should be a wise choice. Moreover, having a venue large enough to accommodate all the guests, would comprise of multiple restrooms and parking facilities which you won’t be able to provide at your home.

  1. What’s the venue’s stance on catering service?

While you have selected a venue, make sure that the venue has the facility of Birthday Catering. Food is the backbone of any party and with your decided menu, you may even customize the chef’s menu at the location and DIY the foods and drinks easily. Though cake is the show-stopper for every birthday, you may even ask for some Custom cakes as well. Look out for their specialty by asking them to prepare the cakes as per your theme.

While going for a catering service, make sure that you are aware of the price of each and every food. The catering service is equally responsible for the table-top arrangement. A nicely folded napkin and the placing of cutlery is equally impact ful when you are planning to throw a dashing birthday party.

  1. Will they provide a Party Planner?

Most of the party venues these days provide an event planner who will accompany and advice you at every step of your planning. Besides, if you are a novice in party planning and that too for such a large scale then having a party planner beside you would prove to be of much help.

Party planners are highly experienced and can give your ideas the perfect shape. You may convey and share your opinions and let him execute the decoration with his professional touch. An event planner can also help you with your budget. If you are on a limited budget, then planning for some extravaganza won’t be wise. But, he might bring out the best out of your prescribed budget as well.

  1. What about the Birthday Party Decoration?

Just like the food and napkin affects the event’s reputation, the same goes with the decoration. A party without decoration is like an empty shell. Decoration brings about liveliness inside a party.

Nowadays it’s not just about balloons and a “Happy Birthday” sign that can suffice the decoration. Plenty of quirky ideas have been introduced time and again to create a more vibrant environment in a party. The venues today have efficient event planners who can enrich your venue with the likeable entities seen in a party. You may even customize something special and dedicate it to the Birthday Girl/Boy.

A decoration of a venue comprises of different levels. It might include the decoration of the buffet table or a special focal point as well. Some people are more enthusiastic about decorating the entire room or garden or wherever they are about to host.

  1. How good is the Parking Facility?

When you have to take in so many guests under one roof, then having an expansive parking facility is a must. Check if your selected venue has a parking lot or valet parking facility?

A venue with such a huge parking facility is a dream because parking for 100 cars just doesn’t seem plausible. For this, you may help out your guests by hiring some multi-parking facility or nearby parking area of others.

  1. How is the venue going to handle your Entertainment?

When planning a birthday, do not forget to include some entertainment and fun activities for your guests. If yours is an outdoor party, then have a look at some of the outdoor ideas such as bouncy castles etc.

But, if this is going to be an indoor party, then ask your venue about the type of entertainment they are going to provide. Choose your games intelligently by involving all age groups.

How could you ignore the kids even if this is your grandfather’s birthday? If you have organized a theme, you may orchestrate your games according to it.

  1. Will it provide you with all the Required Services?

The modern birthday parties are not just about cakes, gifts, and décor. Ask your venue whether it has an in-house catering service. There are many venues that are in partnership with some outside food vendors.

You should also make sure that the venue has a sound system, audio-visual equipment, tables, chairs and all other amenities that should be part of their event planning service. Asking about these things can save you a lot of money from outsourcing the caterers, games, and any other technical installations.

  1. How much is the Cost?

While booking a venue for your occasion, handle your cost issue at first. It would be huge chaos if you have to go into debt for your birthday. Choose the venue which is affordable and has a pleasant backdrop.

Organizing your party at some uptown location can really mess with your pre-defined budget. Don’t pick some over the large venue that can accommodate 500 guests when it is just a matter of 80 guests for you.

  1. What kind of Shared or Private space is provided?

A private space is definitely preferable over a shared space since it keeps the intimacy of the occasion intact.

If you go with a shared space option, then you are definitely going to face some interference from the unknown party who are also celebrating over there.

  1. What will be the Seating Layout?

Since this, your birthday party, having a theatre style seating would not do at all. Have a look at the floor space of your chosen venue and check whether a banquet style, cabaret style or a family style sitting arrangement would be perfect for you.

If you have to save some space for your dance and DJ, try to avoid too many tables and set up an alternate arrangement that will take less space.

  1. What is the Ambience of the Venue?

When you are organizing a birthday party, ambience is one of the crucial factors that you have to consider in earnest. For a summer or spring birthday, an outdoor venue would be great if you are planning to have an evening event.

For a winter birthday party, having an indoor venue arrangement would be a better choice as you cannot just let your guests shiver in this cold!

But, an outdoor venue for a day event is preferable for a winter birthday party as well.

  1. Are you Flexible with your Venue?

Having an outdoor party in a rainy season would prove disastrous if you don’t have an alternative for your guests. With the accessibility of both indoor and outdoor, you don’t have to worry about the weather if it tries to dampen your outdoor plans.

  1. Is your Venue Available?

Do not make this disastrous mistake of assuming that your venue is reserved when it is already booked by someone else for the day. Check out that the venue is available and then make the prior arrangement. If possible you may choose some locations out of your locality if you have plans to throw the party at any other venue.

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Birthday Surprise Ideas for your loved one!

Your special one’s birthday is fast approaching. And you want to leave no stone unturned for the big event! maybe it’s someone’s birthday that you’re really close to, or even someone that’s just been great to you in the past year. These celebrations call for something extra special!

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

  • Card Extravaganza!

What’s better than a birthday card? How about a whole week’s worth of birthday cards? If you buy your cards online, you can have them all scheduled to go out on different days, so your birthday-boy or girl will get one every day leading up to their birthday. That would make them feel extra special on their birthday!

  • Make a Group video with all your friends!

It is the perfect birthday surprise you can give to someone who is far away from your place. As you can judge from the title that it is going to be wishes of group of people. Let us explain what exactly it is.  What you can do is contact all his/her close friends, relatives and family members. You ask them to make a 15 to 30 second video giving their wishes. After you get all those videos, convert it into a mixed video with a single presentation all together. Imagine how surprised your friend will be to see all of them in a single video, wishing for his birthday.

  • Give them a Special Present!

What can be a great surprise for them other than gifting a present that is related to their hobby. This is the best surprise you can give any one. You just need to find out what are their hobbies. It could be a guitar, a cricket bat, a set of drums or even a Leather Jacket. They will be amazed at how much you care about them.

  • An Autograph of their Favorite Person!

Every person has that one celebrity that they truly adore. It might be an actor, an actress, a footballer, a cricketer or even a musician. Get hold of the celebrity and get them to write a personalized message just for your loved one. They will be thrilled to know that the celebrity they adore cares about them as well!

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