Ways to Celebrate Your Baby 1st Birthday Party

If you are going to celebrate the first birthday of your baby, first: Congratulations, now to focus on the big day make the organization and preparation very nicely so that everyone celebrate this special moment with full of joy and happiness!

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There are many ways to celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday party. The important thing is not the illusion missing. Here we give you some tips:

1- Set the date and time of the party, and make the guest list: The little friends of your baby with his parents, and especially the family.

2- Make or buy invitation cards. Invitation card is the first thing that is included in the list of 1st birthday party supplies. There are parents who like to custom invitation, with baby photo and a summary of the first year of his life, and why they want to celebrate. Other stamp in a carton little hands in colors. And others, lack of time, prefer to go straight to the point. There are a variety of cards to choose from in the market. Hand over the card with a short week in advance, and better personally.

3- Choose the theme for the decoration of the party. There are a lot of specialized 1st birthday party supplies necessary for 1st birthday decorations of your kid. There you will find napkins, straws, plates and glasses, pinatas, tablecloths, cutlery, balloons and a myriad of custom objects, on various topics: Winnie the pooh, Pocoyo, Teletubbies, Sesame Street, Dumbo, Bambi, etc.

4- Make an assortment of foods. Prepare an assortment of sweet and savory that can be served comfortably. For the friends of your son, you can prepare fresh fruit juices, fruit yoghurts, jellies, some homemade cookies and / or muffins. For parents, you can prepare sandwiches, tortillas, chips, snacks, and do not forget the drinks, and above all, of the cake with candle, for the baby to enjoy the thrill of off his first candle.

5- Take pictures and videos: A great idea for the occasion, take pictures and videos of your little one, so that he/she can be joyous when they seen these pictures further.

6- Entertain kids: Regarding activities for babies, in addition to surprise with pinata, use a small or line table with a tablecloth of the soil, to establish a space so that they can scribble with crayons and / or ways to give clay. Other than that, you can also entertain the kids with songs and dances. For example, “The yard of my house “, “Under a button,” “rain, rain …”, “The Ring Around the Rosy” and “A fat lady” and others. You can include all these entertainment activity things in the list of 1st birthday party supplies.

7- Gifts: As party favors you can give to the little guests a balloon. They will be happy.

Is your baby completed 12 month of his life and now you are excited to celebrate his 1st birthday? Are you looking for party supplies for 1st birthday decoration? Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi Ncr can help you. Birthday on Call is a leading online portal that presents wide range of 1st birthday party supplies including invitation card, birthday cakes, costumes, decorative accessories like balloons and garlands, food accessories and many more needed in 1st birthday decorations .


Cool things related to kids birthday party

When comes the birthday date, kids go crazy about its celebration. They plan to make their guest list before one month at least. This is the day when they get pampered by not just their parents but also others. On the day they find themselves to be the most important person on the earth. Parents to make the day special try to arrange cool things related to kids birthday party. They take a look in to internet as well as they visit party planners and organizers who help them in the planning.

They also take a look into stores where they get the stuffs that are cool enough to make the party colorful and unique. Today birthday celebration is not just limited to balloons and streamers but also music, dance and themes. Even kids are now fonder of movies and movie songs rather than cartoon characters. When it comes to movies, the choice is not limited to Hollywood but also extends to Bollywood.

Things to make kids birthday party cool;-

There is a long list of cool things related to kid’s birthday party which would make it quite interesting. Some of them are here as well. Some of the ideas are like

  • Arranging games :-

Kids always love games and when the games are added with gifts, surprises and parties then there is no comparison to it. Parents hire any good Birthday Party Organisers in Gurgaon . These can be treasure hunts where kids can search stuffs hidden at locations and after finding that, it’s all theirs.

  • Competition for birthday party:-

Kids in the party can be asked to participate in various competitions that are organized in the party. The one who wins would get a maximum number of chocolates.

  • Play your own song:-

To make the party quite colorful and interesting, you can ask kids to dance on their favorite music with choosing their partners for dance.

  • Make some special decoration for the party:-

You always know what the special choice of your kid is. So you can make it a theme for your kid’s party. Even you can dress up yourself as the special character of the party and be with your kid the complete time. This would also help your kid enjoy the party in the best way.

These can be among the best and cool things related to kid’s birthday party and you can help your kids make their day special by choosing any one of them.


Birthday Party Organizers in Delhi to Organize a Rocking Party for Kid

Parents always wish to celebrate their kid’s birthday in the most incredible manner that will make the celebration remembered for a long time.Apart from presenting them an amazing surprise gift they also thing to organize a rocking birthday party that will make their special day more special. Planning for the party is not a daunting task as there are many things to be planned and arranged beforehand. In the present times, the majority of people are very busy with their hectic schedules that they hardly find enough time to spend over making all the preparations. Also, when people plan to make out everything by themselves, things gets complicated.

Therefore, to organize a perfect birthday party for the kid it is best to hire the services of a professional Birthday Party Organizers in Delhi.Most kids are demanding and unpredictable and organizing a party for them is a quite a challenging job. These professionals know their job well and help in arranging the best and unforgettable party as envisioned. By hiring their services one will not have to worry about making the arrangements for the party. The party organizers take all the responsibility and offer their comprehensive service to organize a fun filled and entertaining birthday party.

These party organizers have all the resources and creative team to organize parties. From the venue selection, birthday theme selection, decoration, seating arrangements, catering, lightings, return gifts, DJ and other fun activities like a magic show, tattoo, puppet show, etc to the return gifts these professionals make the perfect arrangements for everything in an absolute manner. They always remain attentive and make sure that everything is accomplished as planned.

Almost every birthday party organizer offer several packages including different party themes and arrangements. In addition, to this, they also offer bespoke solutions based on the unique requirements of the people.The birthday party organizer ensures to handle everything in a professional manner and ensures that party has all the elements that will make the celebrations grand and unforgettable.

It is beneficial to hire the service of a professional birthday party organizer. However, with the growing demand of the Birthday Party Organizers in Delhi, there are many unexpired players have sprawled in the market. Therefore, before taking a decision to spend money it is wise to do a little research ad find an experienced and reputed professional so that the birthday celebrations goes in a perfect manner as desired.

Birthday Parties are going to be more eventful with Birthday on Call

Birthday parties are events we look forward to every year. Our friends and family often plan them for months on end. The surprises, the gifts, the food, the venue and the cake- there are many things that make a birthday special. With such a busy lifestyle, it is often hard for us to plan these parties to perfection as we want it. Birthday on Call comes to your rescue here!

 With an array of members who are versatile as well as well as experienced, Birthday on Call is the premier birthday planning company in Delhi. We are a full-service firm in the true sense of the word. From the design of the cake to the seating arrangement of your guests, we do everything with our heart only for you. Need a play a special playlist? Just ask us and the music will be ready for the event. Need an anchor to welcome special guests? We will do it for you at the most affordable prices. Once you hire us for your birthday, you can just sit back and relax and we will get it done as per your wishes.

Many of our clients have become repeat customers after having an amazing time at their own birthday. They recommend us to friends and family as well. We have customised services available for each event. So, if it’s your little one’s birthday or even your father’s, we have special plans and services for everyone.

A major doubt in people’s mind is the cost associated with hiring a reputable event planner. We assure you that with Birthday on Call you would end up saving a lot more than if you planned your birthday bash on your own. For instance, the venue we select for you is based to exactly suit your requirements and we make sure we get it at the lowest price. Our network of venue managers allows us to avail great discounts. We give you the chance to choose and shortlist any place based on your liking as well.

Birthday on Call also provides services in other cities throughout India. We have organised shows in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. If you’re looking for Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi NCR, you should give us a call right away! We hope to have a long lasting relationship with you!

Budget-friendly kids’ birthday party

Planning your child’s birthday can sometimes be a tough job. You and your child wait for the entire year for this day to be celebrated with great zeal. But by the time your child’s birthday approaches, you are too confused as to what needs to be done and in which manner. Whom to invite? Where to arrange the party? How to organize and arrange things? What time should be kept for the party? Organizing and making the kids play games and also involving their parents along should be done.

No matter how big or small your party is, you should, look into and cater to all your needs by yourself if your budget is less. Start the supply hunting as early as possible as this will give you time to hunt for cheap and reasonable return gifts for your child’s friends. And apart from selecting gifts, you can also search for things to decorate which are budget friendly.

Throw your child’s birthday bash under budget. Here are some tips to make your toddlers’ birthday bash very fun and exciting at the same time should keep in mind the cost-cutting portions.

  1. You can throw a birthday bash in some small place like Mc. Donald’s. Such places are fun to go and hold your child’s birthday bash. At the same time, these places are quite reasonable and budget friendly.
  2. At such places, you can order menu according to your budget as well.
  3. A birthday party organizer in Delhi can also help you find the exact lawn/banquet/hall for your party as per your budget and requirement. But a lawn can be quite expensive so never go for a party organizer if your budget is quite small. You can create enough space and can decorate the open space of your own house. This will also bring a warm and welcoming feeling for the kids.
  4. Click and shoot photos by yourself. Do not hire a photographer if your budget is less. You can click and shoot the children while playing and having fun, by your very own camera and can convert these memories into a beautiful DIY album.

Always decorate your house by yourself. The kids love when the parents involve themselves with the kids for decorating the house for them. You can also create themes by yourself. There are many DIY ideas on the net by which you can organize a budget-friendly party for your child.



Small list of decorating the house for kids’ birthday party



Hosting a Little Girls’ Princess Birthday Party: Inexpensive and Fabulous!

Parents take lot of burdens to throw a Kid’s birthday party in metro locations like Delhi. Throwing your little girl birthday party at some 5-star hotel or some other venue will cost a lot. It’s a nice option if you have the budget set in your mind and you can hire a professional event management company. It takes lots of preparation and the good amount of money is spending when you plan on your own. There are few popular birthday party organizers in Delhi like partysharty.com who can organize a fabulous inexpensive event in your budget.

We will share a few ideas which you can input for little girl birthday party. If you are not super crafty you can still count on event management organizers. The most popular theme for a little girl is the princess party which will never go wrong. It is best suitable for a primary school girl. There are many other innovative themes which kid’s event company can plan as per the age and taste of the kid.

There are few things you should know about organizing inexpensive birthday party for kids

Timings of the kid’s birthday party

Lot of money is spent on the catering and all. If a party is held in the evening having starters and dinner, then definitely, you need to have the variety of dishes. As per our advice, you can host the party at 2 pm onwards till 6 pm. It is the best time; there is no need to organize dinner. However, if you have to organize dinner for your guest then you have to limit the dishes to organize catering in the budget. Partsharty Birthday party organizer in Delhi is really good at planning the catering in your budget maintaining the standard.

Go digital for inviting your guest

No need to spend money on printing the invitations. It is a time to go digital. Next time invite your guest through e-invitation. It will save lots of time, money and effort.

Hire a kid’s party organizer

The best part is to hire a company. As it has tie-ups and links with the decorators, caterer, host, venue etc, It is the time to relax and spend some good time with your little girl and leave all the load on the company. Hire Partsharty for organizing the birthday party event for your little one.


Birthday Party Planning – 3 Solutions to Birthday Party Jealousy

Celebrating a birthday in childhood is every aspect of every child. But while you being a child celebrating your birthday there are few small guests in your celebration i.e. those children in your birthday who are jealous of your celebration. They try to catch all the attention of the birthday and their parents keep saying we will do this and that on your birthday. But all the methods or tricks of that jealous child fails as it’s your birthday, it’s your day.

Here are some tips to avoid some kind of such situations and make your birthday special:

  • Make them remind that they too will have their birthday

If you see someone crying just of jealousy, it’s your duty to make them stop being jealous. Know the reason and try to please them. Make them feel better in a different way. If they are annoyed with the type of your celebration then make realize that they too will have the same type of celebration on their birthday. It’s time for enjoyment not being jealous and ruin theirs as well as others mood. So enjoy the cake, the different dishes made and just wait for your special day of your life.

  • Give them return gift

There is sometimes the possibility that the kids are jealous just because they are not getting gifts. It is a genuine reason for jealousy. Being kid one don’t have much knowledge of differentiating between their own and others birthday. According to them, they are not getting the gifts while others are getting. So just to make other kids visiting the birthday party which is organized by Birthday party organizers in Delhi, they should be calm and cool and enjoy the whole evening without any disturbance it is very important to provide them with a return gift. This will not only make them feel better but also not being jealous and ruin your special day.

  • Call their parents

If the above way fails then no need to further make any attempts. You just need to call the parents of that kid who is ruining your day. They now don’t need any lesson or teaching they need the warmth of parents. As parents can only fulfill their wish and save your day. Parents can promise them to celebrate the birthday same or even better way. They can understand their own kid better and keep them happy. This will save your day.

150 pound Panda Birthday Cake for your Kid

Whenever someone talks about pandas there is only one thing that strikes our mind Cuteness. Overloaded!

Pandas are the cutest animals that are mainly China exclusive as the climate is favorable for them. But the time being of globalization the animals are no exceptions they can be born and bought up in other countries with similar weather conditions. Smithsonian’s National Zoo is the place where you can see pandas. This zoo is located in Washington D.C. and is one of the best places in the world to see the pandas.

Recently they decided to celebrate the first birthday anniversary of young panda called BeiBei. Being a panda the celebration is not different rather special. They decided to include a birthday cake for the little panda. The cake is not a regular one rather a 150-pound panda cake which is made up of apple, carrots, and beet juice.

This preparation of the cake is quite difficult and took full two weeks to be ready. The important part is that this cake is made up of 100% healthy nutrients that are required by the pandas. It won’t add to any health-related issue of the panda. No fat deposit in the body nothing. The best birthday cake ever! A panda for a panda i.e. a panda cake for a panda.

Making of the cake and celebrating the birthday is not enough the zoo organization invited the people from different parts of the world and requested to join them via Facebook live.

BeiBei is not the only panda there. His sister BaoBao turns three years a few days back and the father TainTain turned 19 on August 27. Which is great and the adorable behavior is encouraged by every person who gives them a visit.

Celebrating a Pandas birthday with a 150-pound cake is a great achievement and this not only make people more concerned about these creatures but also make then think how important pandas are. These pandas attract the interests of most of the children and make then visit again. In this way, you can take help from Party Sharty birthday party organizer in Delhi. Even if they get a chance to play with the pandas in real that is very good. The pandas are very calm creatures and don’t harm anyone. So the creativity and the willingness of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo is really appreciated to make the birthday of a panda so special and make people from the whole world enjoy the celebration with the 150-pound panda cake.



jungle themed birthday party

Dos’ and Don’ts for kids Birthday parties

Birthdays come only once a year and every single child looks forward for his/her birthday. Kids are eagerly waiting their special day to come. They look forward to celebrating their special day with their friends. So the pressure is now on the parents that how to make their kids’ birthday a special one.

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Here is a list of things which as a parent you can do for your child on his/her special day to make it a memorable one.

Dos’ –

  • Plan a surprise party for your child. Your child waits for this day to be celebrated.
  • Fill your child’s room with balloons and teddy bears and chocolates. This is what every child loves.
  • Get your child to cut the cake on this special day. Children love cakes. And if you plan a special cake with different designs on it like your kid’s favorite super hero or a Barbie for your girl, they’ll be the happiest one.
  • Invite your kid’s friends to home for a small get together. Plan a snack party for your child so that he/she feels special on their day.
  • Take gifts for your child. This is the most exciting part which every single child loves to get. Buy them a present. Rather buy them what all they love. Do not stick on gifting your child just one gift. Give them surprises by gifting everything they desire.
  • Play games with them. Make their friends play games in the indoor snack party.

Don’ts –

  • Never leave your child alone on his/her day. Spend time with your children on their birthdays.
  • Invite your friends too and involve them in playing games with the kids. Never leave the adult guest aloof.
  • Do not host the party all by yourself. As your child looks up to spending time with you, so plan carefully that you get enough time to spend and enjoy with them.

Let you kids enjoy their day. Make their birthdays a special one to remember. If you are planning to celebrate a huge birthday for your kid, then you should hire Part Sharty Birthday Party Organizer in Delhi. They have a team of professional who do their job very well. So, what are you waiting for? Call them today and give a pleasant surprise to your kid on his birthday. He would surely enjoy it!! Go ahead!


Plan unforgettable birthday party


Make Your Kids Birthday Party Entertaining

A child’s birthday is the most valued day for any parent. And all parents wish to make their child’s birthday a memorable one for their kid and his friends. But throwing a party is not all that easy. Everyone has a different patience level for party planning, and when it comes to the stressful logistics, kids’ parties rank second only to marriage parties. But Birthday party organisers can take your entire headache in organising big affairs with lots of people.

birthday party organisers in delhi

One such Birthday party organizers in Delhi on whom you can count is Crazy Lab. If you want to add an extra quotient of entertainment to a spectacular birthday party celebration for your kid. Their services are available in Delhi and nearby areas such as Gurgaon, and Noida. They are birthday-theme-party entertainers with a creative and innovative idea using the tricks of science embedded in quirky science magic shows. The key elements in the birthday party celebration, organized by them are the science experiments for kids. So, if you want to create an astonishing environment for kids where they can learn and have fun at the same time; by conducting science games, experiments and magic tricks, you can rely on them.

These days, every parent wants their child’s birthday bash to be the talk of the town. For innovative birthday party ideas in Delhi , you can hire birthday party organisers. Birthday party organisers take care of not just the birthday decoration, but also how the invitations would be send, what will be the venue, from where to get the cake and what will be the return gift.

You can discover the zillion of innovative party ideas, with Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi. They will take care of the utmost detail while organizing the best birthday party. They provide enclosed spacious party halls which would be the perfect setting for your kid’s private event. They will be greet the little guests of honor with personalized cartoon characters. Alongside they organise fun-filled features ranging from musical concerts to puppet shows, a state-of-the-art play center that houses arcade games, a dance room and a ball room. They also take care of theme based decorations. These days, from Elsa to Anna of frozen gang or the dream-girl Cindrella princess for your little girl are a few themes getting popular. Not to disappoint the boys, themes like Iron-man, spider-man and the ever adventurous cars of Disney are the options.

The pleasurable way to see your child growing and be happy about it is to throw a birthday party for your child; and birthday event organizers in Delhi come to rescue you in this. When it comes to children events, Delhi has many experienced onsite and offsite birthday party organizers, who enthrall both the guests and the host at your birthday event. It is a great way to bring a smile on your kid’s face with birthday party organisers’ hand-picked and uniquely compiled ideas of surprises just to make your kid’s birthday bash a grand success.